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  1. Perfect! Seems a great way to get rid of some "excess" without adding much toward my weight limitation.
  2. Thanks for all of the great advice. I think I'll switch to 18/6 this weekend.
  3. Dumb question - if I change my plants from 24 hour light to 18/6, does it have to be completely dark for the 6 hours like it does in 12/12? The room will be dark but there could be some leaks. Thanks. BTW, the buds on the ugly 3 and 1 leaf plant that is in 12/12 are about 6-8" tall after just 23 days. I don't think I will cull just yet! They're sticky and smell awesome - very piney.
  4. We filled out the paperwork for me to be the caregiver for my spouse so I have 24 plants. How long does it take to get the card and when is it legally effective? Do we have to keep them separate and each care for our own until I get the caregiver card in the mail? I assume he will get a new card stating I'm the caregiver? Thanks for any help.
  5. I am pretty positive the one I cut down was a male. It wasn't one of these ugly ones - it was a beautiful 4 foot tall healthy one with normal looking leaves. But a boy.... It was hard to cut him down. The little balls came out overnight about 2 weeks into flower. Now I'm watching the others really carefully but no signs yet. What you're describing about the plant being cloned from a flowering plant is exactly what I was referring to. I read it's called monster cropping. The ones I have are 3 months old and still have either one or three leaves. Like I said, the one I'm flowering now has beautiful big buds, well ahead of the others in the tent. Time will tell I guess. Thanks for your help!
  6. I may do that next. I bought clones hoping for all females but that obviously didn't work. Our grow shop guy recommended a place in Jackson that's very reputable. We may try that once we have more room. 22 plants take up a lot of room! 3 rooms to be exact. I'm all out of bedrooms! I also should have staggered them instead of getting them all around the same time. Learning many lessons as I go along.
  7. Newbie here. I'm on my first grow and so far everything is going pretty good. I'm ashamed to admit that I bought my clones on Craigslist and have already had to destroy 1 male (I know that clones should all be female). I got several different varieties and his labels were definitely not accurate. For instance, the two Girl Scout Cookie plants look totally different. Lesson learned but I was anxious to get going. Anyway, the real reason for my post is to ask about 2 plants that I have. They are the ugliest plants you've ever seen. Thin leaves, kind of claw-like and they all have either 3 or 1 blade (mainly 3) and very thin stems. I know that claw-like leave are a sign of some deficiency but they just keep growing and growing and they were covered in flowers while under 24 hour light. I put one under 12/12 light 17 days ago just to see what would happen and those flowers are turning into beautiful buds. I put 3 other normal looking plants in at the same time and the flowers are just starting to develop. Is this maybe an autoflower? Or maybe monster cropping? I still have one under 24 hour lights and it is covered with flowers. As ugly and genetically mutilated as it is, I'm wondering if I should take a few clones. On another note, I think I want to switch to 18/6 lighting rather than 24. I know there's a big debate over which is better but my electric bill is kind of out of control so I'd like to give it a try. Will this stress them out? I know it wouldn't be enough to put them into flower but I don't want to put them under any stress either. Welcome your comments. Please don't be too harsh on me. Like I said I'm a newbie just looking for advice.
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