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  1. I've read that cannabis is on the market for such children right now https://cannasos.com/news/health/medical-cannabis-on-the-table-for-epileptic-children
  2. I'd really like to grow northern lights . Did anyone grow it before? Do you have any advice?
  3. The main advantage of cannabis for my family is its ability to cure cancer https://cannasos.com/news/health/cannabis-cures-breast-cancer-true-or-false. Thanks to it and good medical help my mother recovered from breast cancer.
  4. I know due to my personal experience that grapefruit works great to cure or to ease Glaucoma. I am concerned that medical marijuana should be legal everywhere.
  5. The only medical strain I had experience with is MK Ultra . My doctor prescribed me it to help me with shoulder pain. At first, it didn't help much but in a few days, I felt much better.
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