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    Med Card Must Match ID Law?

    That's good to hear. Guess it's just a dispensary rule. I was about to call them myself haha.
  2. Savage2x

    Med Card Must Match ID Law?

    Yea I haven't heard of it either. I may start going to a different dispensary and see if they say the same thing. It makes no sense that I would be approved of it then not be able to use it. I've tried looking up new rules but all I see talked about is the recreational vote. Maybe it's their own rule, not the states. Who knows.
  3. Savage2x

    Med Card Must Match ID Law?

    What do you mean by renewal? You mean when I renew my card? So It'd still be valid for the next year before it expires?
  4. Savage2x

    Med Card Must Match ID Law?

    So, I've been a lurker on this forum for awhile and finally created my own account to see if anyone else has heard of this. So, on my med card I have my PO box as my address. However, this week when I went into my dispo they said in a couple weeks, all Medical Marijuana Card must match the patient's ID. They were saying it's a new law being set in place. I've tried looking it up and found nothing related to what they're telling me. Anyone else hear about this?