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  1. I am looking for cuts of Zkittles, Blue Zkittles, Strawberry Cough, Sunset Sherbert, Blueberry Yum Yum, Tropical Starburst, Starburst OG, Purple Starburst and Deathstar. I know these are rare and elite cuts, but I have strains to trade or I would happiky donate for any of these. Thanks for any leads and have a blessed day!
  2. Can you just walk in to a dispo and ask if they will donate for the overages or is there some kind of process you have to go through the first time?I would love to start doing this. Maybe reach out to them on IG as well? That's where I post the product pictures.
  3. Bump. 1 spot filled, 4 openings still available ☺. 1st pic - New Grape 48 2nd Pic - Jujy Fruity 3rd Pic - Gumdrop Cookies
  4. Hello Alexis. I am about 3 hours from you. I carry quite a few Indica dominant hybrids and I also have a few varieties as far as flavors go. If you are interested we can chat about it more! Hope to hear from you soon.
  5. He is saying some dispensaries only have watered down strains and some have watered down strains along with great top shelf that isn't watered down. They all have them, but some only have them. Get it?
  6. Hello Jae! I am about an hour from you near Mt. Clemens and would like to offer the chance to become your Caregiver. I grow organic and strive to provide the best medicine I can each run and have a variety of strains going right now. I also have plans to expand as I get more patients so I can have a steady supply to you and other as well as some for myself. If you are interested please message back or check my thread on this forum. Thank you!
  7. How would an enclosed area with a zipper fit into this scenario? Does the zipper have to be locked like a locker?
  8. Arctic Fallout Pheno #1 (Chem 91 SK VA cut x Snow Lotus) GDP (Green Pheno)
  9. Hello, my name is Mayhem and I am looking for a few people to become a Caregiver for. I have been growing for 6 months and before I started growing I researched for a year before my first seed went in the ground. I grow organic using bottled/liquid organic nutrients. I now have several successful harvests under my belt with more coming in the future and I am looking to help spread this great medicine. I currently have 5 openings! I am still learning, but do strive to provide the best and cleanest medicine I can at decent prices (part of why I choose to grow organic). Donations range from 150-200/oz and I can deliver up to 2 hours away from the Metro Detroit area. Strains that are ready dried and cured: Strains I have going that will be ready soon: More SD Catpiss (Sour, Citrus, Pinesol) More Diesel (Spicy, Sweet, Minty) Arctic Fallout Pheno #1 (Garlic, Body odor) Arctic Fallout Pheno #2 (Raspberry, Body odor) Blueberry Sky Dweller (Chem, Pledge wood cleaner) New Grape 48 (Purple kush x (Purple bud x AK48) Cactus (White widow x Northern lights) Strains I have going for the future: Jujy Fruity🍎🍇 Gumdrop Cookies🍪🍬 More Original Diesel (Spicy, Sweet, Minty) More Sky Dweller More Blueberry GDP (Pheno; Not yet known) More Cactus (White widow x Northern lights) More AF #1 More AF #2 Super Silver Haze (SD Catpiss Pheno) Original Diesel
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