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  1. I think that we should discuss your exact needs on the phone. I can answer all of your questions thoroughly about the right product that will work for you. If I can't help with your needs, I'm sure that I know another competent provider that I can recommend to get what you need. I am here to help in any way. Dave (No personal contact info in open forums contact poster via private message per forum rules) I will be available to talk tomorrow morning. i will be in Chicago till noon EST
  2. I make oil with alcohol. I make tincture with organic coconut oil. I make dab from Butane with a 72 hour vacuum purge. I do not use any plastic in any of the processes. Just silicone containers for storage. Please define whole plant products further for me. But I use either trim or flower per the patients request since there is a price choice. ========================= As far as a card goes, you are on paper with the state. That makes you qualified. Your hard card will be coming to you shortly. So we can begin the process of discovery between us legally. Please fe
  3. My wife and I I have been caregivers and growers for the past 9 years in Southwest Michigan in the Harbor Country area. My wife has a Master Gardeners Degree from the Illinois Agricultural Extension Service in Illinois, and everything that we grow is Organic. Our concentration is in high percentage CBD strains specifically targeting true medical patient needs. We also grow high percentage THC strains for PTSD and chronic pain patients. We are currently providing for a Multiple Sclerosis patient as well as a chronic pain patient as well as 2 anxiety patients. I personally suffer from life
  4. I have 2 openings. We produce several types of concentrates for patients. We are organic growers with a 9 year history located in the Three Oaks area in Southwest Michigan. If you are interested, I can provide more information upon your request.
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