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  1. My problems are more so related to start up costs. I might just grab a microbusiness license.
  2. Anybody want to start a farm haha?
  3. Told you this would happen! But that bud is looking very stressed and looks like it's starting to hermie. It's probably 90° in there with 15% humidity.
  4. Rec patient.. Medicinal is for people who need the marijuana for health reasons, recreational is for anybody wanting to try out marijuana over 21. Huge difference guy.
  5. I'd be interested in meeting with anybody in the U.P.
  6. I was passing through, I won't be returning to either. I'll be going to Dispo next time I'm in the area for sure.
  7. Dispo looks good on Weedmaps, but the others I mentioned are less than half the price of Dispo. So, you still pay for quality for sure.
  8. I'm not smearing it in anyway, not everybody can afford high quality, somebody has to fill that market. But when there's mold on the marijuana that's when I have a problem, because this is a medicine. Yes, I was able to look at the product, moldy buds were stuffed in the middle of my jar though. I'm not bad mouthing anybody, it's just bad business practices.
  9. You can't compare Old 27 and Elite Wellness.. Bay City's dispensaries are simply in it for quantity, not quality.
  10. You get deals at your dispensary because it is low quality..
  11. Dispensaries in Lansing and southwest MI are definitely appropriately priced. My arguement was with Bay City.
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