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  1. dont customs stop you in the usa. from getting genetics from europe there is one hybrid from the us that people are talking about grand daddy purps by ken
  2. i dont know that much about medical marijuana .thats why i came on this website to learn a bit. the uk wont make legal medical marijuana. this goverment has no brains in the uk. the ammount of tax they could get from it would be massive . and it would help people in pain and many other medical disorders. ive never been to the usa. its allways been on my to do list. but never had the money to do it up to now.you got that big porn brokers in michigan. american jewelry & loans we get that on the tv at night in the uk what are the best hybrids in michigan
  3. this modern world seems to be going hybrid. landrace strains will disappear in the future how will this effect medical marijuana users if landraces vanish and you only have modern hybrids
  4. are these 2 pure columbian Landrace strains available in Michigan. is it easy for you guys to get seeds from the uk . what are the names of the strains that you guys like most in michigan and are they landrace strains or hybrids
  5. where you from buddy im uk based iam in the midle of buying 2 nice strains original punto rojo and columbian black both pure landrace quite expensive around £70 uk pounds for 10 punto rojo regular seeds and £70 for the columbian black landrace
  6. here is a photo of columbian gold 1972
  7. what columbian gold did you get if you got the columbian gold 1972 its about the best you can get these days. as for the columbian gold from world of seeds it dont look right to me. and as for Brazil Amazonia its a 90% stativa so not pure landrace. and it would need to be 100% stativa to be pure landrace here is a link. https://www.leafly.com/sativa/brazil-amazonia
  8. we want to know what Landrace Marijuana strains you have collected and still have here is my list and what Landrace seeds i have 03/08/2018 ParvatiMalana CreamNanda DeviKumaoniMazar-i-SharifChitraliTurkishLebaneseSinaiSyrianHighland ThaiKeralaukhrulmanipurihemalayan landraceparvarti jungli most Landrace strains are named after the area they come from.
  9. ive got a few landrace strains ParvatiMalana CreamNanda DeviKumaoniMazar-i-SharifChitraliTurkishLebaneseSinaiSyrianHighland ThaiKeralaukhrulmanipurihemalayan landraceparvarti jungli this is my collection and genetic breeding stock
  10. hi great topic i have replied to your topic somewhere in this forum
  11. one of the very best landrace comes from mazar i sharif in afganistan. Strain: Mazar-i-Sharif Genetics: Pure Afghan Charas Cultigen Sourcing: Afghan Peshawar Purpose: Charas (sieved) Latitude: 36° N Harvest: October Height: 2 - 4 meters outdoors Characteristics: High-yielding; tall; and very resinous This is the authentic Mazar-i-Sharif strain known to Afghan farmers as 'Mazari', 'Balkhi', or 'Mazar-i-Sharif'. Please note that if a source is selling a small, short strain as 'Mazar-i-Sharif' this is a sure sign that the source is unreliable. The true Mazar-i-Sharif
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