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  1. Good Morning Ladies & Gents!

    Let me tell you guys about yesterday! As we were at the office taking care of business as usual, my buddy Steve Miller and I both received messages about a Healthy & Productive Michigan Press Conference down in my hometown of Monroe, MIchigan!  OOOOH WHEEEEE! I had to be there folks, let me tell ya. Steve was excited to see former State representative turned anti cannabis shill, Randy Richardville face to face again after their first encounter on Fox 2. We rushed on down to Monroe to make it on time. There we watched some elected officials and "community leaders" make asinine and naive connections between marijuana users and irresponsibility, marketing to children & a larger overall plot to invade the state!! It was largely insulting, the assumptions made without evidence being passed as common sense. I really can't wait for the day we get to share the stage with these folks and shred these outrageous "alternative facts".... For those of you that would like to, join us at the Monroe County Community College on October 30, 2:00 pm as we stand face to face with these very folks! Join Michael Komorn, Retired Police Sergeant Steve Miller and more as we participate in the Monroe County Community College Proposition 1 Forum. 


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