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  1. I'm about two weeks into my first attempt at growing, converted a deep closet in my basement into a grow room. Dimensions: 32x45x64 600w Viparspectra Reflector full spectrum LED 18h ON. 6h OFF 4 in inline fan (332CFM)&carbon filter from Vivosun 'Grow chamber' wrapped with reflective/insulating floor underlayment Had six bagseeds, was able to get 5 to germinate, one died in the first week. I only know what one of the strains is (Gorilla Cheese), please let me know what you guys think!
  2. I learn by doing, Bill; not by reading a dozen theses about cannabis. But thank you for your input.
  3. Thank you Amish, I have certainly considered growing and all that comes with it but where I live mixed with my uncanny ability to kill every plant I touch has me searching for the perfect caregiver
  4. Ok, so this might come as a dumb question but how does everyone afford their meds? Like if I require 2oz per month of flower that's at least $400/month, plus if I want to add some cartridges from the dispo or whatever it could be a $600-$800 a month expense that I quite frankly cannot afford. I am out of work, don't qualify for unemployment or disability benefits; it sucks. So I guess I was just wondering how other people get by?
  5. Just wanted to add my two cents on this topic. I have only just started vaping myself, and I have noticed only one cart to actually be worth the buy and that's platinum vape. I have yet to try pure oil, never done a dab, but have vaped wax before just hate dealing with how sticky it is.
  6. I learn by being shown and by doing, YouTube and books are of little use for someone like me. I literally have zero experience
  7. Well, I was sort of "assigned" a caregiver by the place I did my registration, so I'm not sure how to find a decent caring honest cg. And I would love to learn to cultivate and grow so that I won't always need a cg. So I would need one who is willing to teach me knowing he's teaching me to leave him as a pt
  8. I had read somewhere that some MMMP patients received an allowance of say one ounce per month in addition to being offered reduced prices on additional flower for that month. For instance one patient received a free ounce every month, and every ounce was 200 after that. Is this a normal practice? Are caregivers reimbursed for their overhead? If this is a common practice, where can I find a caregiver like this??? I'm really new to this
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