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  1. I don't understand being called irresponsible right out of the gate, could make a person not want to come back and post. I asked if anyone had any knowledge about this strain of Cann 4 because, I think the one I have has higher THC in it than the Perkins cut. Not a lot more but some more. The plant grows super slow and smells like skittles on steroids. These are the test results of the ISO my Stage 4, Non- Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer patients gets. It has saved/prolonged his life and the Cancer Institute of America has it documented. This same dose helps 2 patients with Parkinsons who like the THC. This is a combination of two refined grain alcohol extractions (filtered to 1 Micron) mixed together and tested. The alcohol is reclaimed using thermal dynamics under full vacuum at low temperature so the cannabinoids are not activated. Dabs of this tastes like cherries and will mess you up. Good for pain also. I will get a picture of the plant later tonight when my lights come on. Maybe that can help ID it. Test Compounds CBDV THCV CBC CBD Δ8 THC Δ9 THC CBG CBN TOTAL Amount N/D 0.3 1.7 27.0 0.2 36.0 2.3 N/D 67.5%
  2. I have been running what I think is Cannatonic 4 for around 8 years. It came from the Lansing area. I don't think it is the Perkins cut and I think it has more THC. The one I am growing has a real fruity cherry smell when grown and smoked. Live resin tastes like cherries and like nothing else I have ever tried. Dabbing it for a few days can make me feel depressed. I have seen it work wonders with Parkinson's patients and I also make it into an ISO and mix it with high THC ISO for a cancer patient. Does anyone else have any experience with this cut? Thanks
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