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  1. yes, honestly if you are looking for a business, you need the money and knowledge to get the license. First step in becoming a CG is to grow your own. We spent about 10k to make our room and buy the equipment, and we didn't even have the patients at that time. The microgrow business license most likely won't be ready to apply for for almost a year. Some towns are opting out of recreational facilities, but allowing medical facilities. We are all waiting to see what happens, but most likely it'll take up to 2 years before we see recreational legal sales.
  2. I am looking to add another patient. Is there any fb groups for SW Mi? Most of the ones I am in only have patients and CGs from Detroit or Lansing. I want to connect with local people and help them with their medical marijuana needs. I am great in the kitchen and make all sorts of edibles. Also topicals, concentrates, tinctures. I am looking to connect with patients. Any help in that direction is appreciated. Thank you.
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