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  1. Thank you for your opinion. My idea is to do things correctly and understand what it is about being a Cargiver, a producer or being a dispensary owner. Now that the state has approved the sale for recreational use I think that new possibilities open to investment. I value and respect the opinion of all of you in this forum and I am receiving the wisdom of many years of experience. I am still very interested in the business and I am open to listen to proposals. Thanks again everyone.
  2. That's right, my concern in the business is that the state of Michigan will soon release the sale to recreational clients. It would be very interesting to be there and earn a few dollars.
  3. Thank you. Tell me more and maybe we are partners. What do you think?
  4. Thanks for your sincerity and support. What do you think then to enter as an investor, maybe someone who wants to take a next step and need investors?
  5. Thanks for your reply. So the best thing will be to have a vertical business? Cultivate, have a dispensary and have your own clients?
  6. Dear friends. I plan to live in Michigan in 2019 and I intend to start in the marijuana business as a caregiver. I have no experience in the subject and I want to respectfully ask for your help. Is it easy to become a caregiver? If so, what part of Michigan is the business most promising? How much can my net income be a year, that is, after covering all my expenses? Thank you for your help and I hope it is allowed to ask this type of questions in this forum.
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