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  1. I agree we are gonna fight have already spoke to a lawyer now we just wait to see if the prosecutor even does anything about it we are hoping that they just toss it out after reviewing what the lovely officers did for no reason at all.
  2. So I am the caregiver and i live with one of my patients and we had a visit from the police i was at my day job my patient was home and in the garden in witch we only had 11 plants in this room that he had access to at the time when the knock at the door came he answered it and they decided since they could smell pot because he was smoking in our home they got a search warrant found that room unlocked at the time of search and took all 22 of my plants i had 11 more out in the flower room that was securely locked and the patient did not have the key to that room he only has access to his 11 plants so i have been trying to find were in the program laws its says that a patient can be in with there own plants..
  3. I have a question I have heard so many diffrent answers too so let's see what we get. Can a patient be in the caregivers garden with there plants and it not be a violation?
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