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  1. Hi, I found an article about this that I think will resolve our dispute: https://thcdetox.biz/blog/marijuana-health/. Considering the number of the listed problems with the brain, the body, the psyche, addiction to marijuana, I think we should not try to convince the opposite, based only on my own opinion. Cannabis can only be helpful in alleviating pain in a serious illness. And here is not the case in the article, here is the case in logic, this is how to assert that tobacco and cigarettes are good for health or at least not dangerous.
  2. Refute this not with words, but with facts (preferably official). I do not claim that this information is 100% correct and true, just tell us how it really is, with the support of your words with some documents. Words like: "this is all a lie, this is not true, marijuana is good for health, the blind one begins to see from it and even sometimes the dead are resurrected" - they look like an empty shaking of air, forgive me.
  3. Can you show any of your official data of any experiments, experiments, examinations? It’s just that in the common heap of human lies in all areas of science and life it’s very difficult to trust simple words and statements, forgive me. Everyone speaks in the way that benefits him in our world, unfortunately.
  4. I think this is right, you need to try to help poor children by any means. I think all these medicines help with epilepsy, but they give sediments and stress on the internal organs of the child, and cannabis has less bad substances in its composition and is natural.
  5. And where do you think to organize this swap meet type event? What you need to get to this meeting / meeting? I understand this is done to share experiences in growing and obtaining new information, is that so?
  6. Everyone can speak as he is comfortable: the cannabis seller can argue that the grass is harmless, moreover, he heals, thereby increasing sales and increasing the bank account, and some proffesor a weary jacket who gets $ 2000 for a lifetime A month that has almost nothing, can prove that weed is killing, but few people can hear it, because the grass seller can order the paid articles at his own expense and buy all the scientists. There is a very difficult question, and it is very serious at the moment. I do not want to say that marijuana is killing and so on, I just want to say that at least
  7. Do you have any news? How was the issue resolved? Tell us, it will be interesting for everyone, because it can happen to everyone, you need to know why this happened and what to do. Do not leave us, tell us!
  8. Well, not incapacitated, this is not exactly what I had in mind. I talked about health: Namely, the brain suffers heavily from the effects of grass. Regular smoking leads to the development of disturbances in the processes of thinking and understanding. With the use of marijuana in smokers, the risks of developing pharyngitis and bronchitis, chronic pathologies and cancer processes in bronchopulmonary structures increase. Since under the influence of weed there is a pronounced increase in heart rate and pulse, and the pressure rises sharply, the probability of occurrence of cardiovascular
  9. You are with us, brother! We are glad to see you here!
  10. Where did you get the blueberry X white rhino seed stock? What is the effect of them? What kind of indica dominant strains, why do you want to get them? Never heard of them, tell me more about them, please!
  11. Those. First, $ 6,000 is paid for filing an application, but as I understand it, no one guarantees that they will issue this license? If the license is not issued, then no one will return the money, right? What are the reasons for refusing a license? What are the requirements? Thanks in advance for the answer!
  12. And this is already happening global mixing races. Soon everyone will be the same, given the overpopulation of China.
  13. If you take from the point of view of the law - if the person you are caring for has a prescription for marijuana and cannot buy it alone, then you can buy it yourself (you first need to issue a corresponding document (power of attorney) signed by your client). But be prepared for that, if you are suspected of not being honest and checking you for urine traces of marijuana - and finding them, then you may end up in prison.
  14. I used Canna Coco A & B and I really liked it, I had problems with my girls, who had yellow spots on their leaves. Changed the light, water, but this fertilizer eventually helped!
  15. Do not think that if you are even 100% legalized, you will not receive complaints and the police will not pay attention to you, you are mistaken. Cultivation is a specific activity, even where it is legalized or allowed, you will still enter a group of not quite ordinary people and you will receive increased attention!
  16. Natural marijuana used for medical purposes is a great helper for humans. Of course, using large quantities of it will not give anything good, and vice versa, it will only take your health. To many, it helps to cope with moral pain and exhaustion, and this is already harder and more serious at times than physical pain, as it lives somewhere inside and can lead to terrible consequences.
  17. But this will never happen, there will never be equality, and racism will never disappear, unfortunately. Every year more and more sinister and terrible things happen in people's heads. People's brains are poisoned by a thirst for power, money, popularity, and other things ... I hate this world.
  18. Research is good, but here each has his own. Everyone uses as he likes, and no one will have the right to judge him. I also like smoking.
  19. I agree with those who advise Hydroton, if briefly: this foamed burnt granulated clay. PH is neutral. Without smell. It has good aeration. Available in the form of small balls or in the form of eggs. The perfectly flat and smooth surface of the round beads of the Hydroton does not allow young roots of plants to be damaged during growth, therefore this form is preferable.
  20. So you need to shop there and they will sell you and explain how to grow this or that plant.
  21. WTF? Have you had any problems with the law? I agree with the blackhorse, they can not get such information, unless through the police. Submit an official request for why your account was closed.
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