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  1. Cannabis use has definitely helped with my pain without dulling my mind. In fact - when in extreme pain or anxiety I cannot work - on cannabis taking doses for pain control only, not to get high I function very highly and am getting back to work. 4 weeks ago I had surgery for a huge hernia. In april I got a colostomy and and part of my colon removed. They could not do it robotically and I was cut open from above my belly button to below my pubic line. The entire incision came apart at the muscle level giving me the huge hernia in addition to three peristomal hernias. I cannot take conventional pain meds because they interfere with the ostomy. Marijuana is all I can use and it does work. And so can i - without a dull mind or reduced brain function. Also - if the effects of smoking it are a concern - there are other methods including RSO and transdermal patches which both work and eliminate pain without the "smoking" hazard/stigma. Seriously, most of us and I myself use cannibis not to get high, but to get "normal". Now I don't see how you can vehemently and bitterly trivialize any benefit this medicine gives us unless you have a personal axe to grind. Numbers on paper truly stink when it comes to determining medical usefulness. Take my radiation treatments as proof of that. They just gave me what was on the list - not what I needed and in the process destroyed half my body. Tell me that Marijuana is more damaging than that. My medical marijuana provisioner advises on what products I, personally, should and shouldn't use as methods of treatment. The medical community never gave me that option. So please get off your high horse. It's obvious that we aren't buying it.
  2. I don't know - seems like something is being left out of this study. THC has helped with MS, Alzheimers, Seizures, etc.. These are not subjective things. There is a physical effect other than distraction that does not seem to have been taken into account here.
  3. I have gotten RSO at Prime Choice in Jackson. My experience is that it is very helpful with pain but caution is the watchword. You can easily overdo it with this stuff. If you are feeling high you've taken too much.
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