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  1. Does anyone know a green doctor that works with kids? Asperger's runs in the family, and my little brother has been addicted to adderal already in the past. My nephews also have Asperger's. I'm really not trying to down go the big pharma route with my son, but at the same time, not trying to go to anyone less informed. Any recommendations on a doctor who is familiar with the autism spectrum disorder? I'm in the D, but will drive as far as it takes to help my son. As long as it's all legitimate.
  2. Well in addition to cannabis being effective fighting against cancer cell growth, it also assist in the nausea associated with chemotherapy. Often times patients will get too weak to survive because they simply cannot eat. I have several relatives who are in the nursing field, and drug manufacturers(through pharmaceutical representatives) "buy" doctors. Think about it, why would a cancer specialist cut his wages offering an organic treatment, in which was never taught throughout the doctorate program? I think your best bet is to do all the research you can handle on cannabis and cancer cells before making your decision. It sounds like you need to convince yourself a bit more. And best of luck enduring Chemo without cannabis, if you choose to do so. BTW, I am originally from FL. They'd rather flood opiate scripts than other alternatives. Hence why I left there. Doctors are just as bad as street dealers. It's how they pay for the 12 years of college.
  3. I'm using 3 kinds of smaller led's. (1) 11band Diamond Series clone, (2) 11band 6 pod apollos, and a couple 3000k 300w Cree COB's. I've always had great results using one light per plant. All in all, all LED's work. Some produce a denser flower than others.
  4. At one time I helped someone beat leukemia, and he had a very aggressive form. His health rapidly declined in 4 months, and was darn near bed-ridden. He only needed 10grams of RSO, and used that along with his chemo treatment. Bounced back by the time the oil was gone. Hopefully this helps. Good luck, and trust the plant.
  5. Anyone still holding on to Cookie Wreck from a few years back? I'd sure like to get that one again, without starting from seed. I grew her for a few years before I lost my mother plant.
  6. I have Skywalker OG (local cut)and a Tahoe OG(from seed) that I got from meds at the dispo. I have not yet run the Tahoe, but it's a girl. I had to kill Blue Dream as the mites always found her, no matter how much I cleaned. She was also from seed, and had the worst mite-resistance I've ever seen. I recently became a seed man, as someone game me aphids last time i got clones. I then wiped out everything except sky og, and started over from seed. Always interested in new genetics, but also weary given past events. I would still recommend quarantine to be safe and sure.
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