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  1. I usually would veg big plants, lollypop(take clones), then flower. However, I recently began flowering smaller plants and doing no lolly popping. Same usual gas. I guess it depends on personal preference.
  2. You can't tease us like that and not share genetics. LOL. Sounds dope. Got a pic?
  3. Cannatonic#4. Coming soon to a Slappy near you. LOL. Keep you posted.
  4. I've been having the same issue. Not many doctors recommend cannabis to children in fear of losing their license. Cannabis is not covered in a doctorate degree program, and is still considered taboo. I believe my son has a mild form of ODD, and I've even posted on the forums that no distance is too far too drive to get help. I wish you lots of luck.
  5. So basically more of a thc/cbd ratio? If that's the case, I'm about to throw Fruity Thai into flower. Thanks for the help.
  6. Been having bouts with insomnia for a while now, and haven't slept well in 3 days still wide awake. I've tried tiring myself out with mechanics, along with pushups and whatnot. No sleep. Showers aren't relaxing, and i can't feel much effect from the flower during the worst of it. Any suggestions are appreciated, but prefer clones instead of seeds. Thanks
  7. Looking good. Just don't let your guard down. Keep that loupe handy and watch for invaders. LOL. Some terpenes attract bugs worse than others.
  8. Diamond Nectar is the ish! Don't stop using that. I have no experience with Schultz, but can imagine there's some sort of slow-release nitrogen like most standard nutrients. That's the whole point of using a hydro base at the very least. As I've mentioned before to others, you don't have to use the whole line up. Pick a base, add your favorite PK, pick whatever silica, your diamond nectar, some carbs, some beneficial microbes, B-vitamins and the like. All nutrients work, you just have to find the right ratio. However, every brand of nutrient Base can be used at a Lucas Formula ratio. Just may need to tweek it a bit. I even run Jungle Juice in a similar fashion. Just remember to use hydro friendly nutes only in your reservoir.
  9. Lucas is a Micro and Bloom ratio that has enough nitrogen that you don't need to use much Grow, if any at all. I thought that's what you meant by eliminating ingredients. LOL. Dispo is short for dispensary. I used to use General Hydroponics at 3ml Micro to 6ml Bloom for clones, 6ml Micro to 12ml Bloom and so on and so forth. Now with Cutting Edge Solutions I use 2.5ml Micro to 5ml Bloom for clones, 4ml Micro to 8ml Bloom and so on and so forth. It's really easy to make the switch from GH to CES because the base is very similar. Just a little less water.
  10. I made the switch from GH base to Cutting Edge. Less water, so lucas ratio 5-10 instead of 6-12. I hate GH lucas, that is why almost all the flower in the dispo looks and smells the same. I do not use the whole line-up, as I've created a blended formula using GH, CES, Aurora,Roots,Techniflora, Botanicare, and Fox Farm, and AN.
  11. Do you have to have an actual company to advertise? Or can somebody like me pay for an advertisement in regards to trading...
  12. Yo, I'll fox witchu. LOL. Plus my buddies crop got hit by thieves, and he may be interested. So give me a bit, I know I want to try about 5 varieties myself. If you're legit, you may just supplement my seed popping addiction. LOL. You in the D? Do you have a something that works for PTSD?
  13. I was under the impression that the plants in question were already flowering. From my own costly experience, it made no difference in yield after I transplanted during flower. In fact the media was practically wasted, as there was very little root colonization. I even transplanted the 3 gallon into a 5 gallon using the least amount of stress possible by slicing the growbag and simply placing it on top of fresh media. It didn't hurt them, but it didn't help either.
  14. Alien VS. Triangle F2 -94 days. Below is a pic after dried, and is one of the most potent strains I've ever grown. I wish I cloned this one for sure. Other seeds from the pack had potency and wicked terps, but nothing came close to this one. Ish was so strong, I'd compare it closer to GG#4 than anything else I've had. Don't knock autos, you just need to find the right breeder.
  15. If you are hell bent on cloning autos....get super auto seeds. Anything past 90 days. Say you have a 90 day auto. It takes me about 8 days to strike feeder roots on clones. So subtract 8 from 90 then subtract the days it's been growing, and that's how many days you have left on that clone. You see? Doesn't make sense to clone a faster variety autoflower, as there isn't much time left to bulk up. Just do what I do, plant autos in numbers. Kill the finicky ones and keep the best. Baby them, and avoid HST methods. Leaf tuck instead of defoliation.
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