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  1. How about this guy? Cop's even know he's doing it. They just wait and eventually will build a case just like any fed. https://www.thetimesherald.com/story/news/2019/04/30/sanilac-co-pot-grower-traverses-gray-area-selling-clones/3577119002/
  2. Last year there was a grower who was thrown through the "loop" over 19 times. Applied and denied 19 times? Each time fixing or adjusting to codes and enforcement btw. That's straight B.S. They are just taking the money, and accepting the ones who "greased the wheels a little". Noticed how with rec license they don't even give you a partial refund with denial??? LOL
  3. My old grow partner called the cops on me about 5 years ago. The cops said they didn't even want to see my plants. They didn't care, just said "be careful who you partner up with, we see this all the time." And the last time I got pulled over: COP: "Any guns or dope in the vehicle?" ME: "Might be a little weed, but i have a rod in my leg, i use it for pain." COP: "So you don't have any dope? No guns? ME: "no sir" COP: "have a nice day, and watch your speed" Even the police don't want to enforce frivolous laws. They quote: "we don't care about pot"
  4. Don't worry guys, if I can make it happen...I'll fu*k witchu. I plan on hitting up Komorn before coughing up my 6gs for an application though. I'm trying to stay in MI for that reason only. If I can't get a license, i'll be outta here in 6-8 months. Got offers in 3 other states, no time to play this money grab game. If you've been in the medical loop, you know that's pretty much what it is....
  5. I've done 12/12, 10/14, and a secret flowering schedule going past 12/12. They all work, however aromatics are enhanced by bumping up magnesium. Add some epsom salts. Start with 1/2 tablespoon and go from there.
  6. There's an old saying in the uh..lets just say chemistry field regarding reactions. "Slower the cook, the better the dope". So i hate when people do a 30min decarb at higher temps. Like a pet peeve. Second, i think you should be ok. I mean most brownie recipes are at least done at 350-375. And the fact you covered it with foil likely saved you. I once decarbed without covering in a toaster oven, and it ruined the batch.
  7. The leaf tip burn is likely PK, but I am referring to those tiny dots on one of the fan leaves. Those dots that are like a pin size? Check the underside of that fan leaf for sure, because mites do that to leaves. And once you get an infestation.... you'll fight them "forever" unless you completely shut-down and eradicate. It's cheaper to start over than to feed mites sometimes. Hope I'm wrong though.
  8. What strain is that? Chocolope?
  9. They all work. I started with the organic blends, then AN, then Gangster Brand, then GH, then AN again, and now on a CES base. Know what I mean? There is no special nutrient brand, just properly adjusted feeding schedules. Some on different PPM scales than others...
  10. Pull back on your base. Looks like you're starting a little nitrogen curl. And are you sure you don't have mites? Because i can see what looks like mite bites in the fan leaves. Gotta check the undersides. Often times when you droop in flower, it can be VPD. So watch that. And other times I've seen 'em droop is when adding too much silica. But this is posted in dirt, so you shouldn't be adding much silica anyways. Also, stop flowering in grow bags. I used grow bags until i noticed stagnant water rotting my roots in the bottom corners.
  11. So far I've had no problem with the first bag. The 2nd...a little. Think one was a wee bit hotter that the other. I'm currently in flush and have got to say I'm pretty impressed. The flowers are not too far off from my coco flowers, in which I'm happier than sh!t on a clam. Very cost effective in the end compared to coco/hydro. However, my coco flowers are way, waaaay louder at a similar size. Also, my soil flowers do grow differently. Perhaps it's because of less synthetics, because I ended up using the same organic/synthetic formula about 3 weeks in? I dunno. Good stuff tho.
  12. I figured this was posted under soil growing, so thought you were using soil. I'm not. That's why i specified, because you have to supplement silica in coco. So i just wanted to make sure that you know, that I know, I'm not just dumping additives expecting results. I've slowly worked my way up 4.5 years creating this proprietary blended formula.
  13. That's impressive. Not using soil tho, I use 14 things including phUP, and mycos in flower. I just started using terpinator, so now it's 15. My clusterfu*k formula still cost about 200 bucks less than AN's whole line-up. LOL.
  14. Get that 80x or higher microscope at start watching those trichomes. You should be able to see the beginning of clear trichome development. It's very important to familiarize yourself with the ripening of the trichomes. So don't hesitate to check those trichomes every couple of days. You're prolly excited anyway, so it just adds to the fun. LOL.
  15. No bunny muffin. Nothing like going to the dispo and paying top-dollar for crap meds. I swear its from everyone and that darn "Lucas Formula". Too many people rely on that "fail-safe" nutrient program, resulting in sub-par meds. At least every 3 of 5 times visiting any dispo, I almost always leave disappointed. Don't even get me started on their b.s. oil.
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