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  1. Supposed to call him today and figure out the details. Could be weeks, could be months before the plan goes in effect. Negotiations take time. Especially when they try to lowball. Cali growers came to MI and lowballed the heck outta Master Growers at around 80,000 here so they can line their own pockets with the extra proceeds. I'm privy to this happening in several states, and will make it very apparent. LOL. He's also a master grower, so he wants to "pick my brain", especially in regards to my counter-offer. Said it's higher than the going rate, but not necessarily out of the question if I'm worth my salt. We will see....
  2. First I'll be signing up as master grower. If I want to advance any higher than that, I have to take the certification class for supercritical processing. Master grower starts at 125,000. I'm trying to work out a better deal because the CBD state is 165,000. If I certify in extraction, im looking at something like 200-280,000 depending on where I go. The more I can bring to the table, the more I am worth. And I'm no stranger to various extraction methods, so a weekend class in Seattle shouldn't be too hard to certify. I've pretty much maxed out what I can do here in the state of MI. because of my past criminal record. Can't master grow here, or even be a caregiver. The other states are willing to overlook my past, so the sky will be the limit once I leave Michigan. It's still a little early, but If I get an advance...I'll be breaking my lease and be outta here a.s.a.p. Otherwise, I'll be here until my lease is up.
  3. Whether you may like me or not, this is what’s happening in my world. I am in negotiations in regards to taking a master grow position. My highest offer is for CBD, but I want to do full spectrum. If they meet me in the middle, I’m taking it. They want to run something like 500,000watts, but I have to pay for my certification in supercritical hydrocarbon extraction. That being said, stipulations will be in effect. Don’t know whether I’ll be allowed to assist on the forums or not, but it would be sweet if I could. Despite the drama in the beginning, you guys are kinda like family. I know it sounds lame, but I lost most of my actual friends in this industry over their greed. So even though i haven’t met you guys and gals in person, I still consider you friends. Enough of me whining like a girl tho. Best of luck to anyone trying make it in the industry. It’s mostly headaches, and have become everything I once hated. A pretentious a$$hole. Lol. Peace
  4. You could always increase the humidity so the plants won’t feel the need to drink as fast too. Perhaps one of those plant water globes would work as well.
  5. Let me know if you don’t get it. I should have cannatonic#4 and death stomper in a day or two.
  6. I’ve only used it as a systemic treatment into the root zone, but never as a foliar spray. It works different than spinosad, so you can’t compare the two. Besides you want 2 or 3 different pesticides on hand at all time. Otherwise you’ll have to increase dosages to the point of battling “super mites”. After which you’ll be screwed because of the mites eventually building up an immunity to the treatment.
  7. I've used Dr. Doom in a tent before, and it definitely worked. However, because of the close proximity to the plants(in a 3x3 tent), dampening off occurred afterwards. So watch out for that. Spinosad works, but you need to increase the dosage periodically. Otherwise it'll make the bugs frenzy(in my past case it was mites), instead of killing them. Basically most of the products work, but you need 2-3 different types in your "arsenal" at all time. Then you need to switch 'em up so the bugs don't build immunity. Good Luck. Bugs Suck!
  8. I've used that stuff only in the rootzone. Even then, there was residuals in the flower. Go with Neem and SNS in early flower. Flying Skull Nuke 'EM, and Mighty Wash for late flower. Most sprays will leave a residual if sprayed in late flower, even SNS. Neem flower tastes nasty as fuuu! Remember, you can still spray stuff like Azamax in the surrounding area too.
  9. I wish. Having just acquired these new strains, I doubt just anyone would take a shot in the dark. Widow is fire, but a late flower herm. And I won't have Cannatonic 4 for at least another week, or possibly longer. All I have to offer is some Big Bud, 1 Pine EX, and some Widow. I'd make the trip If I had someone interested, but may have to make the next one.
  10. The video shows extensive mite damage, and it was likely that the rest of the buds were damaged beyond repair. I've done this before with a Blue Dream. Sometimes it's better to get a little something good ,rather than nothing at all.
  11. "Snap" the largest colas before week 2. Do it right(don't break), and you'll increase your cola count.
  12. I know it's not Blueberry, but I just got Dream Berry. Haven't run her yet, but also have LSD, Gelato, Widow, and Pine Ex, and Pine Ex #2. Fruity Thai may be a herm, or at least herms in DWC. Haven't seem bananas in the coco/perlite buds, but shes loud though. Awaiting Widow X AK, Death Stomper, and Cannatonic #4 in a few weeks. Most are from seed, except Cannatonic #4 and I assume Death Stomper. Plan on making a trip a few hours away for other genetics, so if interested...Let me know. No rush. My first trip to Grand Rapids will be in the middle of NOV. If interested I can do plugs, bare-root, and coco/perlite mix about 65/35. Water clones for plugs, and use Komas' recipe for the hydro cloner. I basically want to try any strain I can get, at least once. LOL. Sorry to jack your thread, I just catch clones like Pokemon.
  13. I know I've used Flying Skull Nuke -Em successfully for root-aphids, spider mites, and fungus gnats. It prolly would work for thrips if it kills root-aphids. Root aphids are the absolute worst, and hardly anything works for them. Good luck, keep us posted.
  14. Better bend those branches down now before they get "woody" and can't be manipulated as much. Think of bending down the colas on the one to the right in a sort of "star pattern" Turn all those little would be fluffy things into their own colas. Then Bam! You're in there. No snapping required to make a candelabra.
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