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  1. Lol, you just answered my question while I was writing the above question. 👌🏻
  2. Good to hear yours is still working after 6 months. True, who knows if people are dropping or tossing their meters causing the stated issues. Or...are the only customers writing reviews are the ones having issues with their meters? ive heard people that are using PAR meters say this same thing that they are Priceless. 👍🏼 Do you think there’s “That much” of a differences in meters that are more expensive VS less expensive?
  3. Are you having any issues with your Hydrofarm PAR meter? I was reading the the reviews on Amazon as it was only getting 2 1/2 stars and the reviews cons were the saying the same thing...”after using for approximately 40-50 days screen locks up.” One customer had it replaced 3 times and then after the replacement period ran out 50+ days it locked up. Some found out it’s a electric cord plugged on the circuit board issue and they fixed it. Some said it was a software issue and company has updated it since. It seems the PAR meters selling for $19.99-29.99 have higher reviews at 4.5 stars. Dr. Meter & Urceri Meter.
  4. Yeah I was reading that initially the CMH light bulbs were introduced to the commercial markets for brighter, better lighting and cheaper cost electric bill. But I didn’t realize that you could use the same ballast from your HPS lights...I knew about the socket adapters though. Huh...so are you saying there’s really no difference between HPS & CMH ballasts? And so the sales market is duping buyers? When you’re talking 400W dialed down 600W old ballast, is that the old variable ballasts? You’ve perked up my interest! I have a few old variable ballast from my HPS lights just sitting in boxes that could be in use right now if that’s so.
  5. From the LED manufacturers recommendations that I’ve been seeing, they recommend keeping the LED lights 15”-30” above your plants canopy due to light burning. That’s what not to like in my book if you don’t have the room height. I don’t. With my LEC/CMH lights plants can be within inches of the bulbs without burns. Low heat. The fixtures are less expensive @$119.99 for a high quality VisoSun(SunPlix is high quality also) VS Expensive LED fixtures. LEC/CMH bulbs are $43-80, reasonably cheap to replace. LEC/CMH 315W usually runs @140W usage. And my plants grow faster & much bigger higher quality buds than when I was using MPS/HPS fixtures.
  6. The Maxsisun timer light 1000W LED grow light is the one that I’d seen in Amazon, $298. I grow Auto OG Kush, Original photoperiod DeathStar, Girl Scout Cookie, Purple Punch, auto WhiteWidow, Strawberry Kush, Anna Purna, Blueberry Bliss.
  7. Great to hear👍🏼 My 350W CMH lights out performs my 1000 MH/HPS lights also, by far, and only 140W of usage. I looked on Amazon last night and saw the Maxsisun 1440 selling for $268.00, not bad price point. I saved on my wishlist so I will revisit later. Thank you for sharing your crop outcome using the Maxsisun LED. Do you grow photo period or Auto? Which strains?
  8. Would love to see your finished grow with using the LED. Keep us posted.
  9. Trublue616, My advice for you would be if you’re not comfortable growing your own then start looking around for another caregiver. Here’s a incredible site that helps beginner growers...https://www.growweedeasy.com/, they really “dummy” it down to where everyone that has the want to grow, can grow easily. Best wishes!
  10. As for grow lights...I started with 1,000W HPS lights because I was able to buy them used barely used for 1 grow. I paid $200 for 2 sets that included variable ballast and gull wing hoods. Remember this, the more wattage/lumens equal higher yields. But, also higher electric consumption bill. Around 2-3 years ago when CMH grow lights came out I decided to give then a try on half of my grow to see if there was any value in changing over from HPS lighting. The CMH grow lights touted they use a fraction of the electricity, the light spectrum is closer to the suns spectrum, no changing out bulbs from vegetation to flowering, cooler running, bulbs last up to 5 years, all the while getting a better and bigger yield from your plants. For this experiment, I had 2 completely separate grow rooms that were separated by a wall, 5’x5’x7’. I was amazed throughout my complete grow by the difference in the growth of the plants under the CMH lights vs HPS lights and by the size plus quantity of the buds! My plants grew faster and healthier looking vegetation under the CMH lights. Same plant strains, same growing medium and same nutrition for both rooms. Plus the yield of buds was by far much more in size and weight with the CMH vs HPS. AND...what made my wife happy, was the electric bill...the CMH lights lowered our electric bill. Now that I’ve gone with 100% CMH grow lights, our electric bill is only 1/4 of what it used to be when I was using HPS lights. Now I realize there’s a significant difference in electricity usage in using 1,000W vs 300, 400 or 600W HPS grow light setups. I just wanted to share my grow experience in the use of 2 different light setups that I’ve personally used. BTW...A very close friend of mine that has been a grower for 40+ years, and is also a strain breeder/developer, also has gone to all CMH grow lights...they’re that good.
  11. I have used various and the latest and greatest nutrition on the market throughout the years. Nutrition that were highly recommended by growers with a whole lot more experience than myself. And all those various nutritions worked great. But for me what it came down to was this...since I’m putting this in my body/others that are close to me (my patience), I wanted a grow product that is more of an all natural product as close to nature as I could get, without growing my plants in the ground in 100% natural soil. I don’t want chemical residues in my buds or my plants at all. There’s a slew of grow products out there on the market. It can be confusing for a newbie grower. Each individual needs to decide what they want in their bud and what they want from their plant. For me, I’ve found what I use, “super soil” with 100% pure well water, gives me both an amazing size bud in abundance and a bud that I can say is 100% organically grown, which that is very important to my patients plus myself. Peace ✌🏻
  12. Really 36 hrs is maximum soaking time before the seeds start getting waterlogged. Ive tried just putting seeds into moist soil/jiffy pods but only had about a 90% successful rate of seeds sprouting. I’ve had much higher success with soaking 24-36 hrs first then putting them in jiffy pods placing them in a tray with a dome and on a heat pad, even if they hadn’t sprouted while soaking, 98-100% success rate. Best wishes!
  13. I’ve zero seedling plant hot/burn issues and I transplant the seedlings as soon as they have second set of leaves. I’ve not had any Nutrition deficiencies with the several varieties of Cannabis strains that I’ve grown since I’ve been using it as my growing medium. White Widow, Northern lights, Blueberry Bliss, Harlequin, Anubis, Copacanna, Annapurna, OG Kush, Strawberry Kush, Amnesia Kush, BlackBerry Kush...to name a few. I’ll be starting some Girl Scout Cookies and Death Star soon. The only thing that I’ll add is M.O.A.B. in the last 1-2 weeks of flowering to juice up that trichomes. Some will mix in a little more wormcastings and clay powder into the Great Lakes super soil.
  14. Cool idea👍🏼 Using both methods. I might give this consideration for my next upcoming grow. Thanks!
  15. Look at my original post for edit and apologies. Sorry for the misinformation. My bad.
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