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  1. Just a fun thread about what brings joy to our lives. Showing off what makes us proud (and maybe a little turned on😋)
  2. Wow. Nice specimens there, Scooby! I sure wish you were closer to Grand Rapids. Take care✌️
  3. I do reside on the west side of Michigan, but I was born and raised on the east and I recently had this conversation about this certain strain called “Pinconning Paralyzer”. (That might give away my age) We did some research and did find some articles, but is this strain completely extinct? I have heard the genetics may still be around? Also, has anyone ever been able to experience the true “Pinconning Paralyzer?”..
  4. Wild Bill, I have never tried before but often thought about it. Honestly, I feel I’d be over my head. Maybe not but with my green thumb, I’d kill a cactus. You do make great points but I know it would take a lot a prep and homework to get a nice, quality base and supply. It’s something to consider though .. thank you!
  5. Well, it looks like I’m back to square one😔. My current caregiver is a great provider but doesn’t have many options at all and it’s wearing thin. I’m trying to find contentment in my situation but I feel it’s just bringing more stress. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! ✌️
  6. West Michigan Dispensaries.. I wonder why the lack of dispensaries in West Michigan? Grand Rapids specifically is such a large city in Michigan but no dispensaries that I’m aware of. Am I missing something? Where are thou? -frustrated
  7. Well, I got a good lead this afternoon through my certification clinic. Fingers crossed 🤞 And about Craigslist.. it’s amazing how many emails I received for “donations”. That’s not at all what I was looking for and some were persistent. Lol. I’d be careful out there on that site.
  8. Thank you all for the feedback!! I have tried the facility where I was certified and got a couple leads, but I think they will come up empty. I’m keeping positive though. Sometimes patience is a virtue✌️
  9. Hello all, I just received my MMMcard and looking for a trustworthy, reliable caregiver that I could work with. I’ve checked out many websites (Craigslist, Grassmatch.com, etc) and having a hard time trusting any options. I don’t have a lot a reliable sources so any guidance would be appreciated. Please email me if you can help.. Thank you all and have a blessed day.
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