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  1. I believe I will as well. I definitely never heard this way before. Very interesting. Thanks!
  2. I love it! The passion behind the art of growing perfect cannabis is with you all on this site. It’s honestly why I posted my pictures here. I bet you all just have the most beautiful buds out there! I’ll get there. With the help of you all👍
  3. Yes thanks again everyone👍 Today I will jar the bud with 1 boveda pak per jar. I believe this is a 2 week process. Cracking the jar twice a day for the first week, once a day the second. I appreciate how I am learning everyone’s different techniques now so when I get set up with a nice indoor setup, I will have a nice foundation. “Knowledge is priceless”
  4. King, I see your point. Is their a second option if I do not own a hanger? Brainstorming: would the top of a reptile cage work? It is fairly big.
  5. Thanks everyone! I did cut them both down this past Sunday and they are drying upside down as we speak. I was confident in plant#1 but it seemed like plant#2 was getting new pistil growth late? And checking the trichomes..that was tricky for me. I used a standard magnifying glass= Nothing. I tried my iPhone 10 zoom x10= Kinda. I just could not get a great shot to see clear/milky results. The drying/curing process begins.
  6. Oh I definitely noticed the whole grow. Just didn’t expect they turned out how they did. I added nothing but water. I am thinking tomorrow is harvest day👍
  7. Awesome. Thanks in advance. I asked around as much as I could and it’s been about 1-2 weeks out from most people. I will play it safe.
  8. Thanks Semi. To be honest I am not sure. I threw these in a garden in the backyard for the hell of it. I truly did not think they would amount to much. I kept watering and that was it.
  9. How far is this beauty away from being done out of curiosity?
  10. Since this is an open forum and I made sure it was before I asked, I was always curious what most people spend monthly on their meds/recreational? My dear wife believes I can spend way too much and I am curious what others spend in comparison. I’m usually right around $250-$300 monthly with my caregiver. If I’m by a dispensary, all bets are off. I know this doesn’t pertain to those independent growers out there, but it’s something I’ve always wondered to myself. I hope this topic is not too personal which I figured some will just not answer. *Mike Tyson claims to have a $40,000 monthly budget!! Can you imagine?!?
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