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  1. West Michigan Dispensaries.. I wonder why the lack of dispensaries in West Michigan? Grand Rapids specifically is such a large city in Michigan but no dispensaries that I’m aware of. Am I missing something? Where are thou? -frustrated
  2. Trublue616

    I could use some assistance..

    Well, I got a good lead this afternoon through my certification clinic. Fingers crossed 🤞 And about Craigslist.. it’s amazing how many emails I received for “donations”. That’s not at all what I was looking for and some were persistent. Lol. I’d be careful out there on that site.
  3. Trublue616

    I could use some assistance..

    Thank you all for the feedback!! I have tried the facility where I was certified and got a couple leads, but I think they will come up empty. I’m keeping positive though. Sometimes patience is a virtue✌️
  4. Trublue616

    I could use some assistance..

    Southwest Grand Rapids area.
  5. Trublue616

    I could use some assistance..

    Hello all, I just received my MMMcard and looking for a trustworthy, reliable caregiver that I could work with. I’ve checked out many websites (Craigslist, Grassmatch.com, etc) and having a hard time trusting any options. I don’t have a lot a reliable sources so any guidance would be appreciated. Please email me if you can help.. Thank you all and have a blessed day.