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  1. Have been researching, but can't seem to find info on how long it takes to change caregivers once paperwork is submitted?
  2. Perhaps I can help you? I'm not in your location (I'm closer to Port Huron), but you seem to be having difficulties locating anyone who can help. If you're willing to travel a bit, I can probably help you out. I can't give it away, but pricing is negotiable. Feel free to ask questions if you're interested. I am a licensed caregiver, but you will need to be or become a licensed patient for me to be able to help.
  3. Completely organic and affordable medicine...cause, if you're looking for medical cannabis, you don't want the health hazards of additives, pesticides, etc. Several high-potency plants. I make edibles, if that's your preferred method of ingestion; I also make really clean and stable RSO, budder and syrup (one teaspoon in a cup of coffee will cure what ails you). All strains at present are really smooth smokes as well. These plants have been babied, nurtured, dried and cured to produce the best medicine a plant can give. Please message me for further information.
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