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  1. " dirty clones have been known to have come from there. " not to sound ignorant, too late I know, but aside from obviously sick or infested with spider mites, what else constitutes a dirty clone?
  2. If you buy seeds from a seed house like in amsterdam or w/e then you are committing a federal offense by having it shipped through the mail.
  3. "Now that you went online and found out that selling clones is illegal," But I haven't found out that selling clones is illegal. I don't know that to be true. One card holder can sell clones or plants to another card holder as far as I know. I mean where TF you s'pose to get them from if selling them is illegal?
  4. "They figure they can because you are illegal." I'm NOT ILLEGAL. I have a card. I'm just overstocked on clones and am trying to stay under the limit by selling rather than destroying something of value that other people may desperately need.
  5. Ok, so what if I WANT to sell clones to legit buyers? where and how can I safely hook up with said legit buyers?
  6. restorium2 - " you could either trim and throw the cuttings in the trash or use a clone for a mother plant" I know I could but I just can't consionably deliberately waste something that could be put to use and possibly worth money. I have a lot of older electronic stuff in my house BC if it's good I can't bring myself to throw it out. I also have 3 mother plants already. Yes I would like to sell the clones because it could help pay the heating bill. I went to the one site that I had bought clones from a couple years ago to try to post an ad but i was not able to register an account, it said "this form is closed, please contact your forms administrator" so they seem to have a software issue. I really hope someone here could point me to a decent online marketplace to post these. I'm scared of craigslist for all the obvious reasons. thanks.
  7. Cops have had cards before. You will have to be more careful than that. Nothing stopping cops from getting cards. Restorium2 - I was told you will not be allowed to have a CPL if you have the card. I know cops don't need a CPL but if they have a card it means they're probably using Marijuana which in most jurisdictions might cost them their job.
  8. Yea Restorium2, that would suck, but... If I ask to see his Medical marijuana card that should nip that in the bud right? Cops can lie and say that they're not cops, but they can't have a card and be a cop at the same time. - OH gotta check his DL to make sure the name matches and the pic on his DL is him bc the MMcards dosn't have pix on them. Why all this extra risk and hassel? I don't even feel like growing weed right now, but I need to keep the genetics alive so when I do want to I still have them. The drawback to using clones of females is you have to keep a mother plant alive. Not like I could save a bunch of seeds for later.
  9. It's easy pickings, also known as "low hanging fruit" no risk of violence and a guaranteed payoff every time. I do wonder how they seized the car of the one guy when they didn't find and marijuana? Must've been a real nice car.
  10. I have a bunch of Granddaddy Purple clones that are getting too big to stay in the cloner but I'm not ready to do another crop yet. Also the mother plants are too big and I need to top them and make more clones that I still won't be able to use all of. These mother plants growing too fast and needing to be topped all the time is probably going to be an ongoing problem. How can I find someone who would like to buy these extra clones?
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