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  1. Hello, I have more seeds than I could ever use before they went bad. All good strains and feminized. My question is legally could I trade some of these for flower? Or possibly find a trustworthy care giver that I could give the seeds to and work out an arraignment for them to grow flower for me. I am new to growing and just don’t want to screw it up. My thinking is that I wouldn’t be paying for weed at that point. I would be paying for their service and time which I would have to think us ok under the law. Thoughts?
  2. Good Evening folks.. just a quick question to clarify. I am thinking about growing outdoors this year but I think the law is a bit confusing. Does the plants have to be away from view and in a enclosure? I have 2+ acres which has a pond and I could easily camouflage 4-5 plants. My dilemma is that if I construct a enclosure that that would make the plants obvious and thus stand out to neighbors. Any clarification would be helpful.
  3. I am in the process of getting my card now. I am only really interested in non-THC medibles but I was talking to some friends that have cards and they said I should find a caregiver to kinda sponsor me. They kinda hinted that I would helping someone out by giving them access to more yield but not sure if that is legit and I am not sure how it would help me. If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it as I want to handle this legal like.
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