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  1. Thank you dwkl. I understand the site and forum better now. I will try to support your good work by being a paying advertiser someday.
  2. Hi Shishka. I am not involved in the negotiations between caregivers and facility owners. The price and terms for a Caregiver and their buyer is between the two parties. I am just trying to create a viable procedure for these transactions to take place. Dispensaries have a severe shortage right now and caregivers may want the income. It is a tough program to make work, but some caregivers will grow and prosper if this is done right. The big problem is when the package is in the possession of the grow or processing facility. A TEST must be performed while in their custody. If the test fails, the package must be destroyed. I am encouraging these facilities to help reduce the risk to the caregivers. 1) Caregiver names the price on the phone. 2) Facility agrees. 3) Caregiver delivers to address. 4) Facility Inspects, accepts, or rejects. 5) If accepted, 10% is paid. 6) If subsequent testing fails, caregiver keeps the 10% and the package is destroyed. The State of Michigan is allowing a program of this sort and the accepted product is put into the Metrc system by the facility. Any feedback is welcomed. Right now, the caregiver can name their price and terms. When supply and demand changes, caregivers will have less leverage. Anyway. That is how I am thinking about it. What do you think?
  3. Here is the State sanctioned plan I am putting together for Caregivers to participate in the new economy. Call or write me if you want to participate. The program for Caregivers goes something like this, but I am just beginning to write the rules. Please give me your thoughts. Can we make it work?: Caregiver knows that product can pass tests. Caregiver delivers package directly to facility. Caregiver is given 50% of the money upon delivery. Product is entered into the Metrc system and given a Metrc tag. As required by State rules, product is placed in quarantine, and tested. If tests pass, product is sent to dispensaries and processors. Caregiver is paid the remainder of balance due. If tests fail, product is destroyed. Caregiver works with facility to avoid future failed testing. Some caregivers will get the 100 plant grow license (adult use), when they are available. Then, they can simply continue selling to these facility customers.
  4. You are wrong Restorium. It is illegal for dispensaries to buy from caregivers. Caregivers now can sell to grow and processing facilities and I am writing the business process. My company is the most Metrc validated vendor in the nation and I have lived in Michigan all of my life. Maybe a caregiver will decide to get a 100 plant grow under the adult use rules. Then again, they can sell to facilities. Are you OK?
  5. Sorry you guys. I am legitimate and trying to build a Caregiver supply chain program for Michigan grow facilities.
  6. Hi. I need caregivers in the UP of Michigan.
  7. Hi everyone. Occasionally I come across investors and others that need a Caregiver that has been registered for 2 years. If you are interested in associating with a licensed grow facility, please let me know.
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