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  1. After comparing the dispensaries online menu to the strain info on Leafly.com I am thinking of getting "Blue Dream" "Lemon Skunk" and "chocolope" (the dizzy level worries me) A strain called "Phantom cookie" intrigued me but was not on the menu. I am looking for a strain that will NOT make me hungry, dizzy
  2. Thanks Wild Bill, I will be using vape and edibles. I was thinking maybe the reason I got The Spins was the herb was a gift to my husband from a friend and I sucked very hard on the pipe then held it in til I turned blue (the way I was taught in 1984) but I did not drink alcohol, I layed down and the whole room started moving, I hated i it. Never touched any since. I smoked cigarettes for 13 years without problems. I am thinking of starting with a low sativa hybrid possibly high in cbc. Do dispensaries sell vaporizer cheaper than smoke shops? Sorry for all the questions.... I appreciate your input. ---C
  3. I live 9 miles from a dispensary in Morenci so I am hoping it will be similar to the one you recommended. 1 quick question, when I smoked in the past I sucked in hard and held it for as long as I could, would that have caused the light headedness and the spins? I will be using a vaporizer and edibles & in my research , read a strain high in cbc may be a good choice to combat negative THC effects I may have. Thanks so much for your time. I have a journal ready to keep track of everything per your great advice.
  4. Hi! I came here in search of a forum to meet others that are on the same medical marijuana "journey". I will be getting my card next week & I have NO idea what to expect from the Dr, the dispensary the future... I am a chronic pain patient tired of being treated as an addict by pain mngt Dr's. I was on Fentanyl 50mcg patches, changed every other day for 9 years with success. When the "opiod"crisis started I lost access to my meds when the Dr thought his liability outweighed my benefit. The last 2 years I have been on Narco 7 3x day, Have had 2 spinal ablation and 8 injections in my neck and back. I got tired of monthly urine tests and paying thousands of dollars for minimal relief. Being raised in the Anti-marijuana era & only having a few experiences with illegal marijuana at friends houses or parties that didn't go well. (The Spins, passing out) I am afraid of what I am getting into. My biggest fear is that I will hate it. There is no refund on this, I am not wealthy. If anyone else has felt the same way I would love to hear how you are doing on the medication. Thanks,C
  5. But where does someone start? I understand people may react differently but I read not to trust the dispensaries to know what to 'prescribe. I have tried researching and have an idea but it would be nice to find a place for people with the same problems to compare notes. Does the name of the product vary from grower to grower? Do I buy solely on sativa/indica or hybrid Percentages ?
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