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  1. Hi, I'm 60 yrs old male, Back on December 17 2018 I found out I had Cancer on the right front of  my tongue "Verrucous squamous cell carcinoma" is the type of cancer a very slow growing cancer.  So my ear nose and throat specialists and me go for a pet scan to see if it had spread? Thank God it did not, and it was very condensed to that one spot on my tongue. So my ear nose and throat specialists cut out the cancer about 2"x 1 1/2" of my tongue and there was a pathologist there on the spot to check if he got it all and he said they got it all. So when my tongue healed my ear nose and throat specialists told me and my wife that he wanted me to get very mild radiation treatments to my tongue incase there was any cancer left so he set me up with a radiologist. So me and my wife went to him and as soon as we went into his office he said he wanted us to leave after we got done talking to him and go to another place to have a mold of my head and upper chest made for the treatments. that got me mad right there because we was not even sure i was going with radiation treatments yet. but any how he then goes on to tell me and my wife he wants me to get 30 radiation treatments 5 days a week m-f for 6 weeks to my tongue and my throat, and never once told me about the side effects from the treatments. and they are bad because I did alot of reading about the side effects of radiation treatments on tongue and throat. but I made the mistake of telling the radiologist that I smoked weed since I was 14 yrs old, But I ask him about medical marijuana killing cancer cells and he got real snotty with me and told me if marijuana killed cancer why did I get cancer?
    So any how I told him that I was not taking his treatments, and he tells us to think about it and he would see us in about 6 months as people change their minds and come back to him for the treatments. 
    Ok enough about how I got here not sure it's ok I'm here because I'm from Florida, but I tried another chat or forum site called Whatsnext for cancer and I started a topic called Rick Simpson oil vs Radiation Treatments, well people started making fun of me and told me if anyone has tried the oil they could not tell me because they was dead the people was very evil. and I got mad and told them they could stick their forum where the sun don't shine and that they was very evil people for making fun of someone with cancer. So that is on I found this site.
    And I was wondering if anyone has used the Rick Simpson oil instead of Radiation treatments?
    Thank You and God Bless

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