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  1. I've used flower since the mid 1970's in High School. Diagnosed 2006 with MS. 7 months chemo & at home self injections. Then my spine stared deteriorating. Advanced arthritis. Degenerative Discs. Canibus helps my body to relax. Helps me sleep sometimes. Does not take away pain. Doctors too afraid to write 'scripts for opiate pain meds. It f'n sucks. Degeneration of Cervical Intervertebral disc. Cervical Post Laminectomy Syndrome. Lumbar Radiculopathy Chronisc Pain Syndrome
  2. Thanks. Just bored I guess. Not new to canibus use.... Started in high school in the mid 1970's and still going strong. But now its a medicinal thing. Spine is a mess and things have changed. Onward and upward.....😎
  3. Old thread I thought I'd revive. I case anybody is still "looking". Walled Lake Oakland County. https://www.greenhousemi.com/menu
  4. There is a woman here in Michigan championing for MS treatment with THC. Anqunette Jamison retired last year for local Fox 2 News Detroit. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclrosis and has refused any DMD and ONLY using cannibis to defeat her MS. https://m.metrotimes.com/detroit/former-fox-2-anchor-opens-corktown-marijuana-shop-on-election-day/Content?oid=17404980
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