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  1. I'm sure this is the dumbest making whoopee question ever..but i here all you guys saying bud porn...what does it mean, lol.
  2. I Read all the Discussion, you guys such have marvellous information thank you so much for sharing this with us. Keep Sharing.
  3. Vaping marijuana instead of smoking an equal dose increases short-term anxiety, paranoia, memory loss, and distraction, a small study of infrequent users suggests. But the study suggests that at least for first-timers or others who don’t use cannabis regularly, vaping delivers greater amounts of THC, which increases the likelihood of adverse reactions, say researchers.
  4. 5 of the Most Popular High CBD /Low THC Strains 1 – ACDC (The Marijuana Strain That Leaves You Feeling Thunderstruck) 2 – Charlotte’s Web (The World’s Most Famous Marijuana Strain) 3 – Ringo’s Gift (The Marijuana Strain That Has Nothing to do With Ringo Starr!) 4 – Harle-Tsu (The Painkilling Marijuana Strain) 5 – Harlequin (The Unique Hybrid Marijuana Strain) and You can Order for this on Amazon
  5. Medical marijuana uses the marijuana plant or chemicals in it to treat diseases or conditions. It's basically the same product as recreational marijuana, but it's taken for medical purposes. Medical marijuana is used to treat a number of different conditions, including: Alzheimer's disease Appetite loss Cancer Crohn's disease Eating disorders such as anorexia Epilepsy Glaucoma Mental health conditions like schizophrenia and posttraumatic stress disorder Multiple sclerosis Muscle spasms Nausea Pain Wasting syndrome
  6. No statewide vaping ban. Instead, vaping is prohibited only on school property, due to lack of FDA approval for e-cigarettes as cessation devices.
  7. Most Popular High CBD /Low THC Strains: ACDC (The Marijuana Strain That Leaves You Feeling Thunderstruck) Charlotte's Web (The World's Most Famous Marijuana Strain) Ringo's Gift (The Marijuana Strain That Has Nothing to do With Ringo Starr!)
  8. I have a few suggestions that should satisfy almost any homesteader’s need for seeds: 1. Save Seeds From Your Previous Gardens 2. Allow Plants to Reseed Themselves 3. Collect Seeds from Food You Already Have 4. Collect from Other Gardeners
  9. DNA Genetics describes Lemon Skunk as “a cross between two Skunks, the chosen phenotype selected for its lemon characteristics. ... The Lemon Skunk will grow tall and is a good yielder. She has great smelling buds. Her buds are light green with thick orange hairs. She has a high calyx to leaf ratio.
  10. There is currently a lot of debate and confusion in the marijuana community surrounding the topic of increased or extended plant counts. Colorado Springs residents may not be clear on the rules for MMJ high plant count. The cap on the number of plants applies to each residence, or “housing unit”, regardless of how many legitimate medical marijuana patients reside in the home.
  11. An organic soil can be amended with only a handful of ingredients, such as the following: Compost. An organic base material such as peat moss or coco coir. An aerating agent such as perlite or vermiculite. Begin with mix your base 1 part compost of your choice. 1 part coco coir and/or peat moss. 1 part perlite.
  12. Powdery mildew is one of the most widespread plant pests. It tends to affect flowering plants and fruit trees or bushes (roses, apple trees, etc.) as well as cannabis. The spores are in the air or on contaminated plants in the garden and can easily be drawn into your grow room by ventilators. In warm, dry climate powdery mildew spreads widely. But we have also observed heavy infestations particularly after a long and wet winter. The symptoms even disappeared occasionally during a heat wave. It is therefore unlikely that powdery mildew only affects cannabis plants during a warm and dry weather period.
  13. My two cents is to harvest after they've been in the dark for 12-72 hours. In other words, don't cut them at the end of the day cycle. How much dark? Why? I dunno, I just like the results better when they've been in the dark... And don't forget to KEEP them in total darkness as much as possible throughout the drying and curing process!
  14. Nitrogen is the most important nutrient for any plant. Critical in the production of chlorophyll, a plant with too little nitrogen quite literally starves. If your cannabis is growing in nitrogen-deficient soil, you're going to grow anemic, underwhelming plants.
  15. Are you interested in investing in marijuana stocks but don't know the best way to get started? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Marijuana stocks are super-hot right now. That's understandable considering the growing number of countries and states that have legalized pot in some form. Some project that the annual global marijuana market could be worth $150 billion or more within the next 10 to 15 years.
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