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  1. I live in Southwest Michigan west of Three Rivers. I'm looking for a reliable caregiver with experience in pure sativas and pure indicas preferably. You can possess my plants and I can pay the going market price. I am retired and have held an Mmma card for multiple years. I have grown, made cannabutter and am knowledgeable of most cannabis topics except pure oils. Please respond here or contact me by private message.
  2. I'm thinking of starting a YouTube channel so I can share how I process, vape and eat my meds. I've got a whip style vaporizer with an extra long hose to a glass water pipe. I run my meds briefly through a coffee grinder and series of screens to get three grades: kief, vaporizer ready fine, and course stuff for cannabutter. I jam my postvape through a small funnel into single gelatin capsules which I swallow. About a third of a gram fills the whip or one capsule. I will be sharing my ideas here on mmma first to get the kinks out and to get feedback. I have made a few raw YouTube videos a
  3. I'm looking forward to learning, sharing of making new friends here. I need a caregiver (and friends) in Southwest Michigan so check out my profile!
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