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  1. That's ok, these will be done January 11th. I will start a couple strains I have not done before after these. I am thinking the Bio Hazard and a 517 Headband that I have.
  2. I took 3 clones from these 2 plants, the one I gave my brother is in dirt, the two I had died.
  3. Week 3, first look at trichomes
  4. Actually, that is happening next week during Thanksgiving.
  5. 5 gallon plastic pots. I will be leaving Wednesday night and coming back Friday night. Never thought about filling trays and using a watering globe. My plants get feed daily. They are in FF Happy Frog.
  6. My Cannatonic is 2 weeks into bloom. I have to go out of town next Wednesday night and returning Friday night. I have nobody to feed them. What I was considering is a really heavy watering on Wednesday night before I leave and turning off the lights for the two days. Are there any other suggestions?
  7. I believe 1:1. It is not Cannatonic #4
  8. Sent them to bloom. They were getting too tall even with what I did to make them bushy. I have 2 clones from them. Day 3 in bloom.
  9. That is what I am going to do this weekend. I will also be taking some clones.
  10. I am going to make these big and bushy. I am going to train the branches without super cropping.
  11. The picture above is early in bloom
  12. I will post a picture of the dried buds once they are dry. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of the plant when it was in bloom
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