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  1. You put that in with the nutes? When do you start that, at what stage of blooming?
  2. My brother in-law from whom I got my White Widow seeds from says he is using flower hardener. Any recommendations for one to use and is it really effective?
  3. What I use from the dispensaries is cannatonic #4 mixed with any sativa in a 2-1 ratio. I do my own grind with 2 parts cannatonic and 1 part sativa.
  4. I actually read that before and was more confused. So Trichomes are the crystals. That is what will turn amber when it is done. They were talking about hairs and that is what confused me.
  5. Noob question: trichomes, are they the hairs that grow out or the crystals that are growing on the hairs. I got a jeweler's microscope and I see little crystals growing on the hairs.
  6. Next month I am buying an inspection microscope from the Grow Show. Going to make sure I do it right. I only have one shot at it with these.
  7. One week into bloom. So excited!
  8. I think it may have been a water issue. I watered them last night and they were all perked up again this morning
  9. Is it normal for the leaves to get droopy during the flowering stage?
  10. Ok, researched other places as well and it should be both on during flowering. It would have been nice for the led light company to stipulate that. You just add the bloom to the veg lights.
  11. Question about lighting. For the first 2 weeks of going 12/12 I had the lights set to veg and bloom. I am using LED. You can set it veg, veg bloom or bloom. Now that the plants are in full bloom I switched it to just bloom. Is that what I should be doing?
  12. Is it normal for the buds to grow when it is dark? Yesterday I came home and they looked the same as in the morning, this morning I checked and they almost doubled in size.
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