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  1. Anyone ever try this. I have 5 days left before harvest. I am pre-trimming the buds to get more light to the ccoast.
  2. can't wait to see the trichomes from a bud at the top
  3. Trichomes from the bottom of the plant
  4. In flush https://www.instagram.com/p/CD99Jycjf6u/?igshid=1crqxu35u9cad
  5. I am in week 6 and these are the healthiest plants I have had. No pests, no over feeding, they are in 70 degrees constantly with about 40-50% humidity. Here are pics from last Saturday. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDEmnXHj0-1/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  6. 2 weeks into bloom. They doubled in size. The blooms are exploding! As of right now, this could be my most successful grow. https://www.instagram.com/p/CCRzASlDwwc/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  7. Well, I decided to go with just Snake Oil and one that I do not know what it is. The question mark seed came out of my shake from last years grow. It may be Snake Oil, White Widow, or a hybrid of both. It already is growing. I suspect that it is a hybrid mix between Snake Oil and White Widow. I did have one male Snake Oil plant that I removed once it was determined what it was. I have not found any seed in the snake oil that I harvested. I have not checked the White Widow for seeds because I have not been smoking it. (Too potent by itself) We will see what comes out of the unknown seed. I am g
  8. I have been using high CBD low THC (Cannatonic #4) for three years and the result is amazing. That being said, I failed a drug test a couple weeks ago because of it. I have to quit at least until I get a new job and pass the test. I lost a very high paying job because of it. Be warned
  9. So, if I take a male of one strain and a female of a different strain and let the male pollinate the female so that it produces seeds, then I have a new strain? Is that how it works?
  10. My brother grew a huge plant with nice size buds in a 5 gallon bucket with holes drilled in it. Mine will be fed 2x daily. They will not be full sun all day.
  11. I will be growing 3 plants outdoors in a secure location that will be inline with the law this summer. I have decided what I am growing. One plant of each of Blue Dream, Snake Oil, and White Widow. I will start them indoors the first week in April. They will move outdoors the last week in May. I am going to let them flower on their own in the fall. They will each be in 7 gallon pots. That is all I am going to grow in 2020.
  12. Tried it this morning, the stuff from the bush is more in line with what I thought the strain should be THC wise. It is less potent than the first plant that I only topped.
  13. Going to try the bush stuff tonight.
  14. My yield for the bush plant after drying 6 oz and 14 grams. So it was actually 2 grams less and more difficult to process. Won't be doing the bush indoors again.
  15. The one on the left produced 20 grams, the one on the right 14 grams of dried bud
  16. I have to say that processing the plant with smaller but more buds (bush) was a LOT more work. I hate trimming buds. It has to be done, but it is annoying to me. Unless the bush plant yields a significant amount of product over the one I just topped and let grow, I will only be topping from now on. I would rather process fewer but larger buds.
  17. Ok, the plant that I did not make into a bush yielded 6 oz and 16 gm or 184 grams. Of course with dry curing it will lose some more of that weight. The very large bud ended up being 20 grams the other large bud was 14 grams.
  18. Sampled some that I had dried. Much more potent than I thought it would be.
  19. These two buds will probably be a half oz each when dry
  20. Next Saturday (1/4/2020) I will cut a lower branch on each plant so that I can see the trichomes better. It is harder to focus in on the buds when they are on the plant. Even when they don't appear to be moving they actually are.
  21. Two plants. Both Cannatonic. I am still experimenting with growing. I have two plants the same strain. One is a week older than the other. The older one I made into a bush. The younger one I only topped. The younger one (that I only topped) has MUCH bigger buds. The older plant that I made into a bush has a lot more buds, but they are much smaller buds. Both plants were feed the same thing. When I harvest them, I am going to keep the harvests separate to find out what the total yield for each plant is.
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