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  1. According to 10 research studies that have examined the long term association between cannabis and psychotic disorders. None of the studies were perfect and all of them looked at the question a little bit differently, which is one reason why it is so easy for people on either side of the issue to cherry pick studies that support one’s prior opinions. Seven of the 10 studies found a statistically significant link between cannabis use and later psychotic symptoms and disorders. Putting all 10 studies together, a 40% increase risk of psychosis was found comparing people who had used cannabis to people who have never used it. These odds tend to increase in studies that examine people who use cannabis more heavily.
  2. Here, I am sharing my friend's experience with all of you. Few years back one of my friend suffered with asthma because he has been a heavy smoker. Then he consult with doctor and after doctor's recommendation he use medical cannabis, because it is effective treatment for asthma. Now he is well today.
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