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  1. yeah, but only 12 plants. I want to try different strains and have a little fun with it.
  2. Hi Highlander. no worries. I know I need patients, but it was not clear how i register to be a caregiver. I'm not worried about making money as growing has become a hobby for me. Kinda like golf for example for others. There is a cost to it and I'm ok with that. I just like to see what I can grow and if I can get close to break even and help a few along the way I'm happy. Life to short to be stressed and greedy.
  3. Hi glued gorilla. I'm no longer planning on growing in a duplex. that was just an option when I was looking at a place and the other tenant was already a caregiver. I'm not in it for the money. I've seen great results from the medicine myself and thought I could help a few others along with helping myself and if I make a little bit of cash that's a bonus. I doubt I'll ever get to 72.
  4. Thank you for the response. I thought I had to become a caregiver first and then I would add the 5 patients.
  5. Hi - I'm new to the forum and really appreciate all the great info. I am very interested in becoming a caregiver, but having a hard time figuring what I need to fill out and send into the state. Also, is there a fee when I get a patient and they add me as their caregiver? Any guidance would be very much appreciated. thanks.
  6. But if it is a duplex with 2 different addresses(apartment A and apartment B) and 2 different caregivers, would that still be a issue? thanks
  7. Hi - if I own a duplex and I am a caregiver growing my 72 plants and my renter in the other half of duplex is also a caregiver, can he also grow his 72 plants? thanks
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