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  1. How many plants can you cover per pump? Any idea on flow rate?
  2. Looking for suggestions on best pumps to use for watering and if any issues with 'dead heading' the pump. I have a medical grow with 72 plants, so I have 1/2 hp utility pump with a 50-foot hose. It pumps well when new, but over time it seems to burnout. If I am watering and pump is running it works great, but between plants the pump is running but I am not watering as I switch to another pod or plant. So it appears this puts a strain on the pump. Would watering by hand just using gallon bucket be better or easier? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  3. Hi - looking or recommendations for doctor in UP, hopefully western, to assist a patient with getting med card. thanks.
  4. Hi - any recommendations for a doctor in the UP who can help patient get med card? thanks
  5. Hi. From what I've read I can only transport 2.5 oz at a time. What if I want to bring 2 oz to 3 of my patients. Do I have to take 3 separate trips to make sure I do not exceed the limit? thanks
  6. Hi - I recently moved to MI and becoming a caregiver. Someone told me I could also be my own patient, which didn't make sense to me. I can already grow 12 plants for myself without being a patient. does that mean I could grow 24 for just myself if I was a patient. I don't see a reason to grow that many, just wondering what the law states. thanks
  7. to be clear, you need patients before growing more than 12 plants. It's hard to help patients right away as it will take a couple months to get them product. so getting good at it will take some time and the patients need to be patient.
  8. The first step would be just 12 plants for myself, right? i can't do more until I get the patients was my understanding. thanks
  9. yeah, but only 12 plants. I want to try different strains and have a little fun with it.
  10. Hi Highlander. no worries. I know I need patients, but it was not clear how i register to be a caregiver. I'm not worried about making money as growing has become a hobby for me. Kinda like golf for example for others. There is a cost to it and I'm ok with that. I just like to see what I can grow and if I can get close to break even and help a few along the way I'm happy. Life to short to be stressed and greedy.
  11. Hi glued gorilla. I'm no longer planning on growing in a duplex. that was just an option when I was looking at a place and the other tenant was already a caregiver. I'm not in it for the money. I've seen great results from the medicine myself and thought I could help a few others along with helping myself and if I make a little bit of cash that's a bonus. I doubt I'll ever get to 72.
  12. Thank you for the response. I thought I had to become a caregiver first and then I would add the 5 patients.
  13. Hi - I'm new to the forum and really appreciate all the great info. I am very interested in becoming a caregiver, but having a hard time figuring what I need to fill out and send into the state. Also, is there a fee when I get a patient and they add me as their caregiver? Any guidance would be very much appreciated. thanks.
  14. But if it is a duplex with 2 different addresses(apartment A and apartment B) and 2 different caregivers, would that still be a issue? thanks
  15. Hi - if I own a duplex and I am a caregiver growing my 72 plants and my renter in the other half of duplex is also a caregiver, can he also grow his 72 plants? thanks
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