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  1. Marinol turned out to be a failed medicine. It only works on wasting disease and not even that well. That's because it's THC synthesized in to a pill. There are no other cannabinoids for that beautiful "entourage" effect. It makes people feel edgy and anxious. Do the whole plant medicine for better results.
  2. Well when the hospitals are not even teaching about the endocannabinoid system, I see nothing wrong with someone guiding another on how to take the oil. Where else are they going to get this kind of information?
  3. I would absolutely do the oil before having any part of my head radiated. How are you doing by the way. There is a few sites I would like you to check out. The first one has literally hundreds of stories of people who have healed their cancer with oil. It's call Cannabis Health Radio Podcast. If there site is down at the moment you can find these testimonials through youtube. Also there is a facebook site called cannabis success stories. The oil is a good strong medicine with no lasting side effects. Update us when you can.
  4. I have to think a strong salve on the outside of your feet while taking cannabis internally wouldn't hurt as well. How's it going for you?
  5. Do you folks think that taking suppositories is the optimal way of taking in cannabis for Crohn's?
  6. Lots of information on how to stay calm if they are having a hard time with the high. Really good information to give them slowly so that they can feel empowered. A safe place to ask questions. Someone to support them that first two weeks until they get used to the medicine. Someone to help acquire the cannabis and to make sure it's good medicine. Someone to talk them in to a maintenance dose when the tumor is killed.
  7. Marinol was a failed experiment. They use nothing but the synthesized version of THC without all the other helpful compounds, terpenes, and flavonoids for the entourage effect. Word is out that it is making people feel quite uncomfortable and edgy as it doesn't have the CBD to counter act the anxious feeling that THC can sometimes give. And besides, it only slightly helps with wasting disease where as the full plant cannabis kills tumors.
  8. It's time to start seeing cannabis in a different way. Rather than looking at strains, start looking at % of THC to CBD. The science seems to be changing with strains and the concept of sativa vs indica. You may have a favorite strain that tests different when you buy it from different dispensaries. Strains have been cross bred so much which doesn't not give us a reliable "same" experience that we are going for. It's helpful to start understanding the handful of compounds and terpenes we know of to get that target experience you are after. Here is a good listen on the subject: Episode 187: Everything You Want To Know About Medical Cannabis With Dr. Ethan Russo
  9. Made some suppositories for a friend using coconut oil and cannabis. It's causing diarrhea so I'm wondering if anyone WITH EXPERIENCE has tried a different kind of fat that works better? Thank you friends.
  10. Greg Rx, but why when a full extract salve works just fine?
  11. Me too. I tried with full extract cannabis oil the first time. Did not work at ended up with Mohs surgery. The second time I added coconut oil and in two weeks it crumbled off and hasn't returned in over a year.
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