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  1. Happy Friday all! What's on the menu? Gelato for me. Would post a pic, but says its too big of a file? Lame!
  2. Also, trimming out the interior of the plants to allow plenty of air flow helps to prevent rot/mildew
  3. Greenhouse and dehumidifier? But, if you cant do that, this is what i do. When it rains or there is heavy dew dry plants with a leaf blower. Stand back far enough not to blow too hard though, it should sway the plants, but not beat them down.
  4. harden them off 2 weeks in pots, bringing them inside at night, then plant in ground or Large pots. Like i said, usually about May 25 for me
  5. Would love to see a pic, if you have some
  6. Just started hardening off, will stay in small pots taken in and out for 2 weeks, then put out. Usually, about may 25 is my date.
  7. What do you think of the MT? Wasn't a fan of the pheno i found. Mine was super earthy, like swawp water type smell/flavor. Yield/growth was nice, potency was medium.
  8. Gelato, ICC, GG4,Mint Chip, Diesel, Lemon Butter, and Animal Mints all in rotation. Right now, about to roll a Gg4 doob.
  9. Yup, sad but true. Like i had said 50- 100 is not a bad price, especially for hyped genetics. I won't pay it, but based on what's out there, green rush is a very solid option. If you don't want hype,they have good strains for $ 25
  10. When did you go from 1gal to 5?
  11. Yep,it does happen. I mentioned this place only because i know people who have bought from them repeatedly, and i have one of those Genetics in my garden. There are many many scammers, these guys don't seem to be. For someone without grower friends to to give or trade genetics with, this place us a good option. Seeds are safer, as far as bug)disease potential, but from clone is faster. Either way, im happy i don't need to go through seeds or pay for hype clones.
  12. Well, it really isn't that much if you think about it. Look at the cost of seeds, a cheap pack is 50 to 100 for 10seeds. Then you need to spend time, electricity, ect to see of you can even find a "keeper" if you even find one in a pack. Most people that pheno hunt seeds buy a few packs. I know people that have spent $1000s on seeds and didn't get a keeper. But yes, still expensive, i trade with people and almost never pay for genetics.
  13. Just popular hyped names, and actually cheaper than a lot of others selling them. Things like Apple Fritter, Oreoz, and whatever. Haven't looked at the list in a bit, just giving the op the low lown on price ranges. Cuts that have been around are 25. Things like gg4, black cherry soda, durban, ect
  14. I forgot, you said northern Michigan, so probably not in your area
  15. Oh, hey,if you are near Muskegon or Holly there is a decent clone seller that will meet you in those areas. Look them up, it is called Green Rush farms. Nice list, fair prices, lots of $25 clones, more popular clones are 50-100. I have not dealt with them, but know people that have. I have Animal Mints from them via a friend, and it is a good strain. Again, seeds are safer, but clones have their benefits too
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