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  1. If you refuse, is that the end of it? Or will they take you in and require other testing, or some other action?
  2. I stay under mine also, have 3 patients plus me currently. Run a total of 18, 9 veg 9 flower
  3. Thanks, I knew I wasn't crazy! Lol. yeah, I run 9 under 2 1000w DE lights in a 9x 9 ish room. This guy used to do small plants in a tent, and did well, so he thinks small plants are the best way to go. Imo, in my space 9 bigger plants is a lot easier than 30 or more small ones.
  4. Hey guys, just wondered how long everyone grows their plants before flower? I cut clones off my plants going to flower, they root for 14 days then veg for 7 weeks. I cut down flowering plants at 9 weeks, then veg go to flower, harvest every 10 weeks(a week of acclimating to big light). I was having a discussion with a buddy, he says that is way too long, and it's unnatural. I disagree, but just let him think he was right, because he is the type of guy you can't reason with. Anyways, just wanted some opinions from fellow gardeners.
  5. Some do, should never be expected from you though. I will give my patients a freebie if I know they are a little short that month or to let them try a new strain.
  6. Boveda, they make different ones, 62% and 59% are most common. I prefer the 59
  7. If I top, I usually top once right out of the cloner, probably at about the 4th node, then once after they grow out a bit. I usually prefer to train over topping though. When they are about a foot tall I will bend the main top over and then the side branches will shoot up. Then I will super crop as needed to keep them short an even in height. My cielings are 7ft, and I veg 7 weeks, this is the best way I have found to keep them in control. If they are still growing too fast, I will top each of the branches.
  8. Look at the thread by wjkingsnorth, "when do you trim". There are a few opinions there, basically the same question
  9. Call a certification clinic, most regular physicians won't recommend Cannabis. As long as you have records for him and autism is an approved condition, you should be able to get him certified. You would sign yourself up as his caregiver. I am not really sure how this works with someone so young. That is my best guess. Good luck, I hope you get the help he needs!
  10. Yes it is! Still worth trying dry trim though. There is difference in aroma, that some people say is absolutely worth the trouble of dry trim. I go for the ease of wet trim,F the dry trim for me!
  11. If you are looking for simple powdered nutes, Veg Bloom or Peters are both great choices and produce quality. I would not recommend Shultz or mirucle grow
  12. Just Google New Holland Seed bank, it comes up. Looks like all fems and autos, not my bag
  13. If you want to use it as part of your regular schedule, use about a 1/2tsp every other feed in your water. Or like 1tsp per gal every two weeks as a foliar. I do 1Tbsp/gal as a foliar on Gg4 like 2x throughout flower
  14. Yes, but I would recommend not using it at all unless needed
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