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  1. darn Gary! You are smokin it brother. Never did much with any type of hydro, maybe you should start. Lol nice garden, thanks for sharing.
  2. Not many, but they are there. I think it's gorilla glue, thats how mine look. Not many visible hairs at all.
  3. So you got 1lb plants in 2 gal pots? Was it wet or dry weight that you had posted before?
  4. I was agreeing that they looked ripe, and pointing it out to resto
  5. Just keep in mind that small pots need water often. A 7 gal will likely need water 2-3 times daily if in full sun. I recommend a bare min of 25gal, with 50 or higher being a preference. In 65 gal my plants drank 15 gal ea, every other day. Also, blue dream finishes a bit late, and gets bud rot, at least was my experience, grew great though.
  6. So, not legal, but ignored by law enforcement?
  7. Is this legal? What is stopping these places from being raided?
  8. Hey Gary, what size pots and veg time did you give? Nice looking grow, and great yield!
  9. Look closely. They are there, receaded like they should be, minimal new flowers. Just pointing it out, not trying to be part of the argument.
  10. Pretty sure it is illegal, especially if they are out of state. I do think there are some dispensaries in MI that deliver though, and probably have online ordering. A friend mentioned this to me, but I never did anymore research.
  11. Mine, I think, is Choice labs. It seems that Mary's are more concentrated. Mine is a 1oz bottle, and contains 500mg. So, actually I was wrong. Lol. Each dropper is about 15mg, and u use 15-30. Sorry bout that
  12. Especially being more for fun, I would get both and play with it. I would say you will probably like more THC, CBD isn't much of a buzz. To relax after a run you may like more CBD though, it has a calming effect, at least for me. What is nice is the control over dosage. Unless you have a high tolerance to medication in general, I would say 50mg is probably max dose, 10-25mg is what I like of thc. My 1:1 is usually 10mg each, which is 1 dropper each of what I have.
  13. If you can get both an all thc and an all CBD, you can experiment and find what you like. Try each on their own, then an equal mix, and figure it out from there. Usually 1 dropper is about 10mg thc or CBD. Start with a full dropper, that is a light dose. What is your goal? Pain releif, relaxation, fun?
  14. Yes, especially in edible and tincture. Strain plays more of a role in smoking and vaping. It hasn't been completely figured out, but different cannabinoid and terpepene profiles seem to have an Entourage effect. Different varieties have different profiles and thus produce different effects. This is why certain varieties work better than others for people. I think this is way more important than Sativa vs Indica. Especially with most varieties bieng hybrids and not pure Indica or Sativa
  15. Tincture would be a good place to start. I like MCT oil tinctures, you can use it in your coffee or under your tounge, and usually does not taste too strong. For me, if I am awake and active, I stay that way. If I am tired, they will put me to sleep. Tincture allows you to find an exact dose, start small and work your way up. It also takes effect faster than edibles and is more predictable. Alcohol tincture, works even faster, and is shorter in duration, thus even more controllable. It does taste bad though, and you are ingesting alcohol. There are also tinctures made with different thc:cbd ratios, I like the balanced effect of a 1:1. Also, if you try tincture, and are worried about having too potent of an experience. Get some CBD tincture to have on hand. If you are uncomfortably high, CBD will balance it out for you, and bring you back to earth a bit. By having both a CBD and thc tincture, you can also play with ratios on your own.
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