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  1. Yes, there is loads of food in ocean, there is none in pro mix. You will need to feed from the start.
  2. What type of lights and environment will these be in?
  3. 20 gal might be a bit of overkill, how long do you want to veg, and how big of plants do you plan on growing? I grow in 7gal, veg 2months and yeild 8-10oz+. I start In solos, up to 1gal, then up pot to 7gal. when it has good roots and drinking regularly. I would not reccomended a 20gal unless you are going for a 4month veg.
  4. Just whatever you think is needed to grow super strong, healthy plants. Healthy plants are the best offense
  5. This was from 2016, sure he has figured it out since then.
  6. Either way, up to 24 is only a civil infraction, unless they prove you are selling. It is a $500 fine, and they can take your plants. Guy I know had 21 plants, ex girlfriend called cops, they gave him a fine and took 9 plants, leaving his legal 12.
  7. Nice! Dig the hempys! I have thought about them for a long time, but never tried. Are you using 100%perlite? How often do you need to water? What is the best way to support in hempy without trelis, do stakes hold? Hope you don't mind the ?s, just Been interested for a long time.
  8. Because the mail is a federal institution, it would be illegal, as long as cannabis is illegal on a federal level. A courier could possibly be used.
  9. The same, more or less. Practice of social distancing when delivering. It is medicine, even Rec dispo are open, so I think it's ok.
  10. I don't think so, pretty sure that smoking anywhere in public veiw is illegal, even on your own property. I don't think that you would ever get in trouble though. It definitely is not law enforcement priority. If they did hassle you, it's just a ticket
  11. Hi all, I was thinking about this the other day. There are so many chuckers now, seems that everything is a cross of the hottest freak bag seed find. Gg4x this, cookie or OG x that. Is there anyone making their own lines from P1 stock, or even ibl? It used to be most breeders put out F1s from true lines, and there would be some uniformity in these packs, enough to find a good keeper in almost every pack. Then many would even work these into true breeding lines. Who is doing this type of work now? I would love to support companies putting in real work.
  12. Sorry, I am not going to respond to your pm. I was merely calling you out, for what it seems you are. A greedy person who expects someone to give them free meds, and grow out seeds to find you keeper genetics. This just seems greedy and wrong to me. If this makes me "Smarmy"( swarmy?, Unsure,deleted it) as you wrote, then so be it. I call it as I see it, I am sorry you took offense. I am done now. Good luck on your quest
  13. Cloner is at 75, I will try it. All other strains had bumps at 5days, at 10 days 3/4 of the other clones are ready to come out. Just thinking could be a slow rooting genetic, my diesel is the same way. Wish I had her in there as a comparison, giving her a break though.
  14. Any other grow info on this strain is also welcome, I can't find much on the interwebs. Lol
  15. Anyone grown this one? It is new to me, cloning it for the first time. It is taking a very long time, first nubs at 9 days. Is this normal? Everything else in cloner is well rooted.
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