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  1. When you start over, go with a trellis attached to the support poles on the tent. Set up two layers about 12-18in apart, this will support your whole canopy and allow you to pull branches through different holes to spread and keep your canopy even. For your current problem I would get some bamboo stakes and bonsi wire, put 4 stakes areond the perimeter of each plant . Do this on a slight angle to accommodate the width of each plant. Then carefully weave the wire around each pole just under the branches that need the most support. You can do 2 or 3 rings of wire if needed. Kind if like a tomato cage, but more costomized. I suggest bonsi because it is easily bendable and still strong, I like the 3mm size
  2. I am definitely interested in this, but I am on the west side of the state and it seems most others are on the east. I have posted elsewhere on this site about possibly trading clones with no replies.
  3. Nice! Did not know about glass syringes. Maybe more companies could go that route and have a way for customers to return them to be cleaned and re-used. I don't know how many would people would want to switch over to filling their own, with the convience of pre-filled carts.
  4. It is sad, didn't even think about it. And even with refillable carts, it will still have to come in a syringe or other disposable apparatus. Unless something can be made to hold and dispense oil into carts, maybe like a cellulose pouch or something else that breaks down easily or can be re-used/recycled?
  5. Thanks. You are not wrong. Some caregivers do take advantage, and that is what gives the rest of us a bad name. I only commented because i thought that the way you had brought it up would bring a bad reaction, and possibly hinder your caregiver quest. Good luck to you, I hope you find a great caregiver!
  6. I also understand your point, however not every caregiver is trying to grow and sell as much as possible. Some work with their patients and let them donate what they can when they can based on their needs and income. I take care of 4 patients plus me, but only ever flower 9 plants. I try to follow the laws on what I can actually have as well as plant count. Also, most growers are not doing full counts of giant trees(what would be needed to produce the pound per plant you mention) I frequently do give free meds, but it is not an obligation. I understand that there are times my patients can't afford their meds, so I will give them for free.They understand that things can go wrong in a garden that cost me extra, like my ballasts or ac fails, or anything else that could choke an extra Grand or so out of me. In the end, just saying to see both sides, and you will find the right caregiver. ✌️
  7. Probably not the best to demand things in this manner. Many caregivers will offer free meds, but most don't want to be told that they have to give them to you. Best to bring up in private with a perspective caregiver. Just an idea to keep ya from the Lynch mob! Lol
  8. got them from another site, hoping it works out, never ordered like this. Nervous about getting/not getting them, and care care after I do. I'll post what happens with them, and try to upload pics when I get them
  9. I am getting some tissue culture clones(micro clones). I have never dealt with these, anybody know about how to transplant to soil or any other useful info? I am excited to get them, they are a really special wedding cake cut, and I don't want to kill them. Lol
  10. Blue dream, is a good medium strength strain, uplifting and good taste. It is good for the morning, but I usually want something heavier later
  11. It will make it stand out to the neighbors, but an enclosure is necessary to be legal. However, if camoflauge is more important, you have to weigh the risk and decide for yourself. It is a $100 fine and considered a civil infraction. You will also forfeit the plants, but no criminal charges. I would still go with an enclosure
  12. Are there any on the west side of the state?
  13. If this is legal, is anyone interested in trading? I am in SW michigan, if someone has interest in trying Gg4 ,blue dream, Casper og, sour diesel, pineapple Express x holy Grail, or grape ape and has something else nice to offer please DM me
  14. Tincture could be a good route. They are available in different THC:CBD ratios and can be made with glycerin,ethinol, or mct oil. They take less time than edibles and are easier to control dose and duration of high. I like the balanced effect of a 1:1mct oil ticture, and I use it in my morning coffee
  15. Is it legal to trade clones under the new law? It would be nice to be able to share strains, and make this more of a fun recreational hobby. If so, are there any clubs or swap meets?
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