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  1. So they made it through the couple days, what did you end up doing? Just water through on Wednesday?
  2. Yeah, saw the post, but I didn't have time to make the 3 hour drive. Thanks for the heads up on that thread though 👍
  3. Master extractor, or grower? I didn't think a Master grower had much to do do with extraction, am I wrong? Anyways, good luck! Hope all goes well, I would love to get in to the industry, but not much available on this side unless I commute an hour or 2.
  4. Just soak them through to run off, they will be good. You could water through tomorrow then wait till Wednesday to water again to test it out, if it will give you peace of mind. Cannabis plants like a wet and dry cycle, you do not have to water everyday. It should take about 1.5 gal per plant to saturate a 5 gal and get a little run off. I use 2- 2.5 gal in a 7 gal. Dump run off out of trays. My plants get watered 2x a week. I'm not telling you to how you water, just saying this works,and you will be good with a couple days in between.
  5. You could also use plant watering spikes. Juvale terracotta spikes work well, a 6pack is less than $20. You just fill a bottle of water, and insert it in the spike. I had to be gone for 10 days, I watered through, put 2 per plant and they still had just a little water left when I came home. I would not recommend going that long, but it was necessary, and it worked.
  6. What size pots and media are they in? How often are you watering, and do you usually water till run-off? I am in 7gal pots of FF ocean forest, and if I water through on Wednesday I could make it to Saturday easily. Do not turn lights off, it's only a couple days, this is not a big deal! You could also water and leave a little water in the trays. This would let them drink when they dry up, don't leave nutrient solution in the trays though, just water. Again, this is not a big deal, you are only gone for ONE full DAY.
  7. Spinosad for thrips, is probably the most effective, but I don't know about residue. As Slappy said though, you want to rotate products. If it we're me, I would drop bombs in the flower room, because it is the easiest application and every time I have sprayed something, it kills half the hairs on the bud. 2 bombs three days apart. Spray with spinosad or drop bomb in veg then again a couple days later. Then spray azamax once every 7 to 10 days at least till you know they are gone, and maybe keep it up as a preventive.
  8. If it does, definitely less than spraying something directly. If you don't have the room to keep it way from the plants, you might not want to use it. I have not used past week 3, but a friend used it at 5 weeks with no negative effect, so he said. I did not try any finished bud from him. They do work, and will treat your whole space. There are more effective treatments, but for ease of use, they are my go to. Yes, I would recommend over azamax for treating an existing issue. Azamax takes time to work, it slows growth and reproductive cycles, it does not kill on contact.
  9. Yeah, you do need space between the bomb and plants. I am in a 9x9 and put bomb in the middle and plants around the walls.
  10. As Shiska said spinosad works too. I suggested Dr Doom bombs for ease of use and minimal residue. Jack's dead bug, and Monterey garden spray are 2 spinosad products. Azamax, in my experience works, but it takes time. It is not really a bug killer, it messes with growth and reproduction of pests. I am not sure how much of a residue spinosad leaves behind, maybe wash plants after 2nd application? Maybe Shiska could throw down some more knowledge there?
  11. According to the manufacturer, Dr Doom can be used up to harvest.
  12. Drop a bomb tomorrow, then another in 2 days you will be good. Pushing it a little, but I think you will be early enough. I would think this would leave less behind on plants than most sprays, and is derived from Mum's, not a man made chemical. Much easier than spraying, and will cover the whole room not just plants. Set bomb up on bucket off of the ground and make sure plants are not hit directly, the propellant will damage plants. Turn lights and fans off and wait at least 2 hours to re enter and turn lights on. A small DR Doom will do the trick, should be about $10 a piece
  13. How far in flower? Thrips respond well to pyrethrins, if not far could use a couple Dr doom bombs or a spray
  14. How would a plant that goes till November be better than a fast flowering hybrid that finishes at the end of September? And why did you cut all your braches off like that? Looks horrible, and probably cost a lot of yield. Just trying to understand your process, not trying to flame you
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