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  1. It needs higher than 76% humidity?!? That's crazy!
  2. If you ever had to change your scedule like that, it is possible.I have done it twice, without any negetive effect. It will not hurt for them to sit in the dark for a day. You are not disrupting them in the dark, you are mearly resetting their day. I can't speak for all situations, but in my case, there was no negetive effect
  3. I use it through the whole life of the plant, usually every other watering, and I also use it to lower pH when needed. I use the Earth Juice Hi Brix, it is like $13 for a gallon. Just cut it out the last week. I use recharge and some other microbes additives, this is my way of feeding them. Yes I add with nutes also
  4. It is a carbohydrate, and works as well as most others, but is a bit more pricey. Personally, I have found I like my bud better without loading the plants with sugar. I use a very small amount(1/2tsp) of molasses to feed microbes throughout flower, but that's it.
  5. If your buds aren't dense, you could add more intense light or make sure to let buds ripen fully. All those chemical hardeners are just bad ju ju, IMO
  6. As resto said, some people don't want to grow their own. There are others that are disabled, and can't grow their own. Then there are people that are renting that are not allowed to grow their own in their home.
  7. To help a person in need. It is about the patient. Or at least it should be, others out there are looking for patients as a means to grow more plants and supply the rec a market illegally
  8. Interesting, I noticed the opposite in my grow
  9. Cbd is legal federally, there has to be a way. You can buy it at the grocery store for God's sake!
  10. What do you mean by stretch? Plants strech in transition to flower, but not sure what you mean by strech in veg? I have noticed the most growth with 24on, but difference is very small
  11. I have run them all, differences are negligible. I run 24 on, but do notice that some strains show a bit a bit of stress. 18/6 I feel you get slightly slower growth, but happy plants. 20/4 you get the best growth and happy plants. I don't like using timers, because they can fail, so I run 24on. Make the decision based on what you want. Lower electric?, Go with 18/6. Faster growth, either 24 on or 20/4, these 2 are very close, if you want to mess with a timer, 20/4 is probably best. Again, differences are SMALL, pick one
  12. You can play with different light cycles, but 12/12 is the standard. Getting some experience first with that will be beneficial in being able to recognize positive or negetive reactions in the experiment. In my experience 11on/13off caused a slightly faster maturation (like a week) and a reduction in yield. I also tried 13on 11off with opposite results. If I had time to go 11 weeks I would do 13/11. A plant will flower when it's critical night period is reached. This can vary from strain to strain , but is usually between 10.5 and 12hrs darkness.
  13. The place I ordered from never sent out order, so I cancelled it after 40 days. ☹️
  14. I use t5s for all my veg and cloning. 6500k has always worked well, I use a 4ft 8 bulb fixture for 9 plants. When cloning, put clones off to the side of the light, raised 2ft above cloner till you have roots, then put under the light. I leave mine to the side for 7days, then put under the light for another 7. Roots are always strong at this point. Then I transplant to solo cup or 1 gal, depending how big roots are. I can't tell you what is best, only what works for me. To know what is best, I would have had to try every other light out there. This is what I tried first, and has been successful for many grows. Don't fix what's not broken.
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