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  1. @blackhorse l think what you are after is how to make distillate. That's what is in most carts. I do not know how.
  2. I don't know how to make it usable for cartridges. I decarb and make butter and tincture. 16g per lb of butter. 16g for 1c of MCT for an approx 500mg thc per oz. Tincture. I just use a 120 micron bag, golf ball sized chunks of dry ice. Shake over a mirror till it starts to get darker, then stop. I collect, then decarb at 240 for 40 minutes. Then load jars with butter or MCT and hash, and infuse in a pressure cooker.
  3. I missed this comment. I do agree on that, but the chem family was an accident. An accident that would not have happened without Dogbud, which we know nothing about. So yes, whomever was responsible for Dogbud, does deserve credit.
  4. Believe what you want, but that's not what the people involved say. It was an accident, nobody knew where the pollen came from, call it unintentional breeding if you want. But, the chem was not breed with purpose, it was a great accident, but that is what it was. This has taken up way too much of my time and space in this thread. I am done! Have a nice day!
  5. You were talking about Chem d, it was a bag seed. An accident, I was not on a tangent.
  6. I'm not arguing that breeding does take work. Most breeders now are breading poly hybrids with poly hybrids. These seeds are not even really true F1s. True F1s are from stable stock, and produce similar phenotypes, but are unstable to breed with.I this is how breeders used to make seeds, and in a single pack it was much easier to find a "keeper", and there were far fewer hermaphrodites. Quality breeders would also work their lines into IBLs that could be bred with. I have read lots on breeding from breeders, and from books on genetics, not just cannabis. The strains you call the
  7. Resto, when you do your own research, and see that I am right, feel free to apologize. It is ironic that you are the one pretending to know things you don't.
  8. I do understand it, I have read lots about DJ shorts work and Neville's work. They were breeders! Sorry to burst your bubble , but Chem and many OG strains were accidents!
  9. Chem was a bag seed brotha, they are known accidents. I am not the one mistaken. If I am wrong, point me to info on the actual breeder of chem dog. Everything I have ever seen says it came from a bag of weed at a dead show. 13 seeds were found... Yada yada
  10. An oz per pound of butter, is not a bad ratio, as long as trim is all sugar leaf. If it also has fan leaf in there, you may want to double that. Also, 2 weeks in a crockpot? That is WAY longer than necessary. If you decarb you product first, 4-6hrs will more than do the trick. If you don't decarb first, 12min -24max is all you need. If you want less green tasting butter, take all that trim and make dry and ice hash. It is very simple and makes a much better product. If you have any ?s feel free to message me.
  11. Ok, I'm done. Live in your box. But one last thing. You said this But, most of the " originals" were ACCIDENTAL bag seed, so there was NO purpose. They were happy accidents!
  12. Have you smoked Mac 1? There's your example. Probably the best I have ever had, and a very new strain
  13. I agree, that on some level breeding is now geared more towards production. There are also breeders working more connisuer friendly genetics. My only point was that there is good to still be found, some even better than the originals. To put out the blanket statement that all modern crosses suck, or that if a plant yields heavy, it must be of poor quality, seemed a bit irresponsible. Especially to a new grower with high hopes in what he is growing, let him make the call.
  14. Everyone has their preference, you and your people clearly have theirs. I will agree to disagree. There are plenty of modern crosses, that are just as tasty and at least as potent as the "originals". That is my opinion, based on my experience. Yours seems to be that nothing beats the "originals", and that's just fine.
  15. T To each their own. The originals are great, but there is more out there. I refuse to live in a box! Variety is the spice of life. I have an original Diesel cut, and access to SFV, Ghost, and Tahoe OG cuts. Diesel and Tahoe are great and throw down weight as good as any! I still need variety. Also, having smoked many "Originals", there are plenty equal to the them. There are unique flavor profiles in many of the originals that are hard to find in other strains, and if you are in love with that exact flavor. You may not like anything else. It does not mean, nothing else is good
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