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  1. Technically you are not a michigan resident. It is illegal for you to grow there. However, if you stay within the 12 plant count, im sure you won't be bothered. This is assuming you don't have a MI drivers license, and are not staying at the cabin while growing. If you are staying there, getting mail there, ect. I think it would be legal or at least arguable. If you do it, be very aware that bringing any of your harvest home would definitely be illegal.
  2. Click his name. His profile will come up. There will be a blue envelope icon with an arrow. Click on that. You should be able to get it from there, but if not, just ask. Hope that helps!
  3. @Wild Bill I have bought both glycerin and MCT oil infusions labeled as Tinctures, i have actually found MCT "tinctures" to be more common. Because MCT can be absorbed sublingually, it can be used as a tincture. Also, my prefered method.
  4. Glycerin and Mct oil are considered tinctures amongst most people, technically you are right though. Mct and glycerin "tinctures" are actually infusions that can be used in a similar fashion. Olive oil, does not have the same properties, and can not be used this way. If you buy tincture from a dispensary it is most often MCT or Glycerin based. This is more to inform the op, than to dispute your comment, more just adding info.
  5. You are saying that you have infused olive oil and you want to extract the thc from that? I don't think that is possible, at least not in any easy way that could be done at home.
  6. Your question is a bit confusing. Do you wish to make cannabis infused olive oil for cooking? Or tincture which can be added to food/drink or taken under the toungue? If you want ticture olive oil is a poor choice, an alcohol, MCT oil, or glycerin tincture would be much better. Or are you wanting to make a vapable/smokable extract?
  7. Pm me, patient opening in August. Im am in west MI, in the Kent, Ottawa, Allegan county area. I am pretty much flower only though. Tincture and butter on occasion, and probably rosin in the future. Gg4, Ice cream cake, gelato, animal mint, Mint Chip are current strains. Access to diesel, wedding cake, kush mints , cherry gar see ya, lemon berry candy og, and others as well
  8. Glyphosate is present in a lot of what we eat and drink, unfortunately. Levels in the vaccines are likely lower than in the pork at your local grocery store. As it comes from the animals( that the geletain in the vaccine process comes from) eating gmo grain. Unfortunately Round up is widely sprayed and has polluted much of our food.
  9. Yup, even if alcohol was involved, and the more obvious impairment. It will be reported as both, not just as a drunk driving. Unfortunately there is no accurate way to test if you are/are not under influence of marijuana. If its in your blood, you were under the influence to them.
  10. That link can be found on the cdc website, it is not fake. Not sure about the chart he showed. Thing is that adverse events are reported rather ir not they were directly a result of the vaccine. Example: if i died tomorrow in an auto crash after my vaccine, it would be reported as an adverse event. So the numbers he cited are not actual acurate accounts of vaccine related issues. People can be ignorant if they want, it's their choice. Unfortunately, ignorance is holding our economy back.
  11. Got dose #2 of Pfizer vaccine a month ago. Only side effect was a slightly sore bicep for 3 days. 1st injection, was the same thing, but only for 1 day, and more localized to the injection site. There have been reports of blood clots, but i think it was 6 people out of 7 million vaccines. Everything has side effects to some people. Seems pretty low risk to me. My other meds have greater risk than the vaccine. Get the vacvine people! Especially if you are in high risk groups for the virus! It may not completely save you from getting covid, but it will probably save you from hospitali
  12. Cannabis is not addictive. She gave up substances in which her body developed a physical dependence on, for one that her body will not become physically dependant on. This is a much better way to live if it works for her! If you only ingest cannabis it has very little negative effect on health. Smoking/vaping cause the most health concerns.
  13. If you don't feed trolls, they go back under the bridge that they live under
  14. Happy Friday all! What's on the menu? Gelato for me. Would post a pic, but says its too big of a file? Lame!
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