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  1. You refute more than i sir. You also did not mention a coleseum or stadium set up, that changes everything. That's not what we discussed. Also that type of set up is usually vert bulbs. They are not hung high above the canopy.simple and obvious science is that the further away from a light source the lower the par. I was trying to understand you, knowing that you always claim science. This defies it. Its all good though, we can be done. I know you are King Resto knower of all, and will never admit someone else is right. That is why this will be my last post.
  2. Your plants are 8ft inside, getting light all the way down from only top lighting? Can you post a pic? would love to see how that works. I also spread tops, as i stake not trellis. I have found that unless i have a lot of room around the plants, buds more than 2ft down don't develop the same.
  3. I don't think lights up high would increase penetration. It does increase spread and especially with gavitas, the overlap is useful. Commercial ops will never have a canopy deeper than 2ft or so. This is why (amongst other reasons)they grow lots of plants packed in and not less large plants. Very few commercial ops grow plants over 3 ft. If you have a full flat canopy, a light can only go so far. If you spread plants out so light gets all the way around the plant, then yeah they will have good bud further down. That's why plants are so far apart in professional outdoor gardens. Indoors, spreading plants out is less productive than packing a canopy.
  4. Not sure there is a light that would reach the bottom of 5ft plants. This why i trim out. I have 850-1000 par at canopy. I feel that max penetration is about 2ft. So, that is about the amount of canopy i keep. Million ways to skin a cat, this is just one
  5. I defol also, but on larger plants, i think its necessary to prune all the low growth if you don't want larf. To each their own though.
  6. They are, its all preference. I have done both, there is little to no difference in weight. I prefer all quality bud.
  7. I go through at 3 weeks flower and cut all underdeveloped bud sites. Trimming a bunch of small bud takes a lot of time. I want everything to be dense quality flower. If i was a concentrate maker, i wouldn't bother, i would just blast or press the smalls
  8. Sorry bill, i thought you were calling moo poo on something i said. Not saying it is moo poo. Missed the word IT. I agree 100% we should be able to grow it like any other herb or vegetable. We should be able to sell it on roadside stands if we want to!
  9. On what? It was an emergency regulation, ordinace, law, whatever you wanted to call it. It was enacted to allow supply for dispensary because the licenced commercial growers could not provide enough.
  10. Perhaps ordinance was the wrong word. What do you call a temporary regulation, never written into law that can be changed at anytime without a vote?
  11. Thats what it was. It was adopted with an experation date which was extended a few times.it has now been eliminated. By law, no caregiver is currently allowed to sell to a dispensary. Yes, people do somehow work around it, but it is not currently allowed.
  12. That was an"emergency" ordinance never law. But, yes, for a time we were
  13. I did see this part of the bill. This was what my comment about them cutting us out anytime was referring to. I did and still do think that overages are anthing beyond what you are allowed that your plants produce. I do not see a definition of overage as only the remaining unsold portion of a patients 2.5oz. I think they will take all overage till they no longer need it, then cut off the ability to sell overage to growers. This bill has little effect on me, I don't want it to pass, but it won't hurt me or my patients if does. Currently i have 2 patients, but one may drop soon anyway. I only grow 18 total although im allowed 36
  14. Ah, i guess if that is true, this is true moo poo! I guess if that; s how overage is defined then yeah,there is no good way to do things here
  15. This has always been the limits as a caregiver. We have not been legally allowed to sell to commercial growers . This allows overerages to be sold to licenced growers vs. being destroyed. Although nobody ever really followed the rules.
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