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  1. Fogponics seems to be a very nice way to grow plants very quickly. There are some relatively simple DIY set ups if you look around. As others have mentioned, it does rely on electricity and parts that can clog. If you have a generator, and aren't lazy, thats not much if an issue. I do not have experience with this type of system, but does seem to be a very effective at growing plants fast! If i go back to hydro, this will be my next foray. A system i do have experiece with is the Aeroflo 60. These are also very nice, but way more effective at growing small tightly spaced plants than larg
  2. Sounds like its time to find a new doctor. You don't have to disclose cannabis use, i wish i never did. It changed my doctor's whole attitude towards me and my pain. I am looking for a new doctor currently, i will admit to occasional recreational use. I will not associate it with being what i use to treat pain. I don't want to tell my new doc at all, but i will, just in case there could be interaction with other meds.
  3. Oh, and those wild plants in the forrest? They were probably planted there. I used to scatter plants all over my hunting areas. They got very little care, so somone may have thought they were wild.
  4. Closest you will get is an acclimated strain. Nothing native here, but some strains have been repetitively grown here, and are well adjusted to the outdoor climate.
  5. So you are an out of state trafficker? 🤣🤣🤣 We dont need ya here man!
  6. Yes, legal fedrally. A lot of grocery stores even have CBD. Widely available
  7. If you want old school sativa types, check out Ace seeds. Bodhi is also great, plenty of old and new flavors in the line up.
  8. Green rush farms had Cataract a while back. Might be worth checking out. They legit, good people.
  9. Look man, if you do a side by side, you will notice a difference. Like i said, pluck fans first, then dry. I cant explain it all, but i can tell you most people i know have switched to dry trimming because of this difference. If you are unwilling to see reality, i Can't help. Do some google searches, look at farms producing great quality, like Jungle Boys. They all dry trim. This whole thing was just to get a noob to know there is a difference in quality, and it is worth trying. I wet trim! It is easier and still produces quality. I am not knocking your way of doing things, so I
  10. Expains both methods pros and cons. Like i said, i choose wet for simplicity, but dry produces a better overall quality. I am not the only one who thinks this.
  11. https://youtube.com/watch?v=EYIELPtH2Xs
  12. When you cut green leaves on a wet bud if you look closely you will see a small amount of wetness around the cut. This contains chlorophyll . This is releasing it into the bud, and is what causes the grassy smell that wet trimmed buds often have in the early stages of drying and curing. A dry trim will keep its smell through the process. I am not wasting anymore time here. You are all stuck in your ways, and that is fine. But i am done beating a dead horse.
  13. When you cut a leaf in the bud, it bleads clorophyl(sp?). This is the bruising i speak of. I may not know all the science, but i can 100% say that in my experience a dry trim produces beter aroma and a slightly better taste. I think everyone should try both. If i only had to trim a plant or 2, i would always dry trim. I speak from personal experience and observation. I have not have been here since 1979, but i have been doing this for 20 years in some capacity. If you try some dry, you will notice a better aroma. Pluck just fans before drying.
  14. The origanal post that concerned trimming, talked about bucking the buds during the wet trim. Leaving on the stalk gives a slower more even dry. The other point is that trimming wet will slightly bruise the weed damaging it. Do a side by side, there is a difference, as said, mostly aroma.
  15. I wet trim, and come out with great product. I have also dry trimmed several times, and wheather or not you choose to believe it, dry trim does produce a better product. For me is it worth it for the small improvement? No. But, it is worth noting to a new grower. Aroma is the biggest difference, dry trim will always carry a better aroma, even with a less than perfect cure after dry.
  16. As i said that is how i do it, but more for space and time saving. I have done both, and a wet trim with a perfect dry can come close. A dry trim will always have an edge on aroma and smoothness though. If you have time and space, and care about every little bit of improvement, dry trim is the way. Wet trim for the win if you have limited space, and want to get it done a little faster!
  17. Buds dry more evenly if dried on the stalk. Drying too fast is not good! A good dry should take 10-14 days. If you buck your buds and use a rack as some have suggested you will want your drying area to be 60-65f and 55-60%humidity. if you cant do this, you want to leave some stalk attached. I have a controlled drying area and do dry in racks, mostly to save time and space. For best quality dry trimming is best. It is more time consuming and takes more space though. No comprimise on quality and a little faster than a full dry trim would be plucking and drying, then doing a final trim. You
  18. I'd chop plant 1. Plant 2 needs time, but with a little rain today and cold moving in fir awhile, i would consider harvesting it too.
  19. @blackhorse l think what you are after is how to make distillate. That's what is in most carts. I do not know how.
  20. I don't know how to make it usable for cartridges. I decarb and make butter and tincture. 16g per lb of butter. 16g for 1c of MCT for an approx 500mg thc per oz. Tincture. I just use a 120 micron bag, golf ball sized chunks of dry ice. Shake over a mirror till it starts to get darker, then stop. I collect, then decarb at 240 for 40 minutes. Then load jars with butter or MCT and hash, and infuse in a pressure cooker.
  21. I missed this comment. I do agree on that, but the chem family was an accident. An accident that would not have happened without Dogbud, which we know nothing about. So yes, whomever was responsible for Dogbud, does deserve credit.
  22. Believe what you want, but that's not what the people involved say. It was an accident, nobody knew where the pollen came from, call it unintentional breeding if you want. But, the chem was not breed with purpose, it was a great accident, but that is what it was. This has taken up way too much of my time and space in this thread. I am done! Have a nice day!
  23. You were talking about Chem d, it was a bag seed. An accident, I was not on a tangent.
  24. I'm not arguing that breeding does take work. Most breeders now are breading poly hybrids with poly hybrids. These seeds are not even really true F1s. True F1s are from stable stock, and produce similar phenotypes, but are unstable to breed with.I this is how breeders used to make seeds, and in a single pack it was much easier to find a "keeper", and there were far fewer hermaphrodites. Quality breeders would also work their lines into IBLs that could be bred with. I have read lots on breeding from breeders, and from books on genetics, not just cannabis. The strains you call the
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