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  1. Then again sometimes I buy shatter which is usually between 15 & 18 a g
  2. Well I apologize I thought you were maybe going to start coming at me just like the rest of them I don't talk like tha I usually get it for between 100 and 125 depending on how good it is
  3. Well I apologize I thought you were maybe going to start coming at me just like the rest of them I don't talk like that to my caregiver I'm just a little bit worked up
  4. Probably usually between 1 and 2 if that is any of your business but that's because I make my own medibles and such
  5. I'm done arguing maybe you should go back to school and learn how to read since the rules are right there in front of your face I posted them and it says exactly what I said so go f*** with somebody else's mind
  6. I said that it says in the rules that caregivers are not supposed to charge for the meds they are only supposed to charge for throwing the meds or other services they render like grocery shopping cleaning house stuff like that
  7. Never said that I said that the caregiver is supposed to charge for services as far as growing goes... nutrients lights and dirt you obviously did not read half of what I wrote and my post but that's okay anyways
  8. Exactly my point, and you just said the same exact things as far as what I am asking for out of a caregiver... Sometimes times r tuff and I do understand hell I'm a DV Survivor and single mother of four so yeah times get tuff quite a bit... But I'll survive and move on slowly but surely. Although having that fairness helps out quite a bit more... 4 oz a month free?! Now thats just plain ridiculous... I honestly dont think I'm asking for that much... Sorry maybe its just because I'm not afraid to speak up... I dunno.
  9. Well thank you very much and I appreciate you saying something so that way maybe people won't think what you thought at 1st of me again thank you and you have a great day!! And I'm hoping I do find a good and fair caregiver I appreciate your honesty...
  10. I do I do see your point and you sound like Affair caregiver actually and that's how most caregiver should be as what you offer but they don't I have heard so many stories and so many people complain about how hard it is to find a decent caregiver who actually does follow the rules or even remotely cares about their patients so yeah I mean what you offer sounds about right and fair just saying
  11. I do see your point yes but then again I have noticed and I have talked to a lot of other patients that have been getting screwed over because of this there are caregivers out there that are not doing what's right and for that matter is which I speak not trying to step on toes or create a problem I just need a decent caregiver I should be taken care of correctly and not misled and not screwed overas a patient I'm not really demanding I'm asking if there are any caregivers out there that offer this because honestly I believe this is fair
  12. And why would this be a joke?I'm not stupid I've been a patient for 10 years and an oz a month is nothing compared to what you caregives receive as far as money goes cuz I'll tell you what when you want to get down to the rules you better read the rules again because those 12 plants are considered as ours and we're only supposed have to pay for the growth of them which includes nutrients and Light Okay so we're going to say every plant at least produces a pound please tell me how much is that that you end up receiving from my 12 plants.Are you going to give me every little bit of green that you grow off from those plants for probably about 6 to $700 maybe cuz I'm going to say that's probably about how much it cost to grow 12 plantsI know because my brother used to be my caregiver so I know how it goes thank u...
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