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  1. Have card and all info looking for good concentrates at a low price I dab an oz every month or 2. Looking for 7g for 100 or oz for 300 price range Also looking for bud but only if u can do oz 150 or lower and it's fire. If u can beat the prices i said that's all the better thanks guys PM me please let's meet up
  2. Sorry if I'm in wrong forum I'm new to this site have my card and will send pic on request PM me I do use bud but maybe only an oz a month but I love concentrates looking for 6 or 7 g for 100 price range lmk what we can do thanks guys have a great day. Patryk
  3. Rochester too fore ate No personal phone numbers in the open forums .
  4. I need caregiver have card No personal phone numbers allowed in open forums .
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