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  1. My location will soon be L'Anse and I will be in Houghton a lot. I would be interested in having an ounce per month of bud, a quarter ounce of shatter or wax or a mix of both bud and concentrates. Anyone around that area? Thanks.
  2. I gave my number to someone I met at...a place, and asked the person to help me find weed in a new town. I got a call a month or two later from a guy who said he got my number and that he had one slot for a new patient if I wanted a caregiver. I got my new card in the mail and excitedly got an oz from the guy. His edible was actually awesome. However his buds were smaller, veeery flimsy and didn't get me very high. The guy didn't seem to know what the bud was called, or how many different strains were in my bag. He always told me in some way two things. He told me he doesnt do the stuff and that so and so tried it and said it was awesome. I got "shatter" off him that he later called "BHO" for 3p per gram. It was very cloudy and murky dark green but it felt normal so I vaped it. The next time I got from him he told me a story of how people around here are selling goopy stuff that is really bad, but of course, his stuff is good. So I showed a friend the buds. Immediately he said, "Yeah thats premature buds. Their stems are all flimsy and they are low potency." Is my friend correct? I want to drop my caregiver, and will soon need one in the UP. Im moving to the UP so I need a new caregiver anyways. Anyone near Marquette or Houghton areas that is a caregiver? Let me know.
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