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  1. Have you known anyone to have done it there without issues? Problem with Detroit are the constant break-ins - you'd need about $50k - 75k just to fortify the building.
  2. Was this in a residential setup? That's a bit of a distance, I'm in the Metro Detroit area.
  3. Thanks for the response! So, I guess it comes to the issue of use when obtaining a certificate of occupancy, getting permits, etc. - what do you tell the planning department when you are trying to set up a grow room in a commercial/industrial building? Or even a barn? They're going to want to know the use. What city did you set up in? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello all. Appreciate the help in advance. Question is whether anyone is aware of any city that allows caregivers to grow in an industrial/commercial building? I'm trying to find information online, at the city, etc., and haven't found anything but contradicting information. I'm referring to a caregiver arrangement where someone can grow 12 plants per patient (medical marijuana). Are these allowed, with the city's knowledge, anywhere? Building? Homes? Thanks in advance!
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