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  1. ☝️☝️🤯 Why i stopped visiting dispo and started my own. I noticed a while back that unfortunately i and others of the community know more abt the product than the people selling us the product..
  2. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I was actually doing some work for another patient of mine.
  3. Grower for 4 years caregiver for 2 I have 3 openings currently and my wife and I make edibles from gummies to cookies to pills and even just pure oil for you to cook what you would like with. Also can make butter and tinctures as well. I do not use chemical fertilizers as I am predominantly an exteactionist focusing on rosin and rosin tech. I don't believe in the use of chemicals in my body or my plants. I use non ph'ed water start to finish no chemicals no bottled nutrients. Just good soil good microbes for feeding the plants. Run many different cultivars and have the ability to get my hands on almost any cultivars you could want with her situation I would personally recommend a 1:1 cbd-thc ratio so that she receives her relief but is still fully functional throughout the day and receives the subliminal benefits needed produced by the mmj produced cannabinoids. (not all cannabinoids cbd is the same) my grandfather was diagnosed with eschophagal cancer and that's what started the caregiving journey for me. I would be willing to sit down face to face with her and you and really work this out to get her the best meds we can have available to her asap. Discuss cultivars (strains) to alleviate and hopefully help in the curing of this terrible disease. I know first hand what it is like to have someone close to you begin to be taken over by that even monster the c word. Currently running ogkz (of kush breath x zkittlez), pineapple Express #2, wedding gelato, grand daddy purp, swiss cheese, space cookies, blueberry, somango, chemdawg 91, working on obtaining alien og and alien of kush as well as I have many other cultivars to choose from in the vault. As I said ik what it's like to have a loved one going through this. Know I'm here to help if you need more info.
  4. Cali is feeling it hard rn. They have a strong grassroots movement and are doing well with it. They have established groups of their own groups of growers and caregivers alike to lobby against the big corporations and to try and establish a fair market for everyone to compete in. I think doing this is probably our best chance at keeping big corp from monopolizing market share. We need to build caregiver coalitions and local groups willing to stand up and rally lobby and "compete" in this corporate game against them. We must play this game and remember that WE have been playing this much longer than them. WE know our markets and our patients/consumers. We from the mitten know our mitten and will be the best at providing what fellow michiganders want and need in their meds not out of state corp greedy money hungry sharks. We are here for the patients. The caregiver network. And for our personal human rights. We need to take the focus off the greed and dollar and put it back to the elderly, sick, etc. We must show our state this. Let's rally together build alliances & coalitions and local forms of competition for these corps. We can keep our community. We just may have to get our hands dirty. But hey. We should all be used to getting our hands dirty!
  5. Patient openings Southwest Michigan. PM me for details or to discuss further. Flower concentrate oils edibles etc. Message for more info. 269 Area.
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