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  1. Hello, I’m currently a hobbyist grower and ER nurse. I have been researching extensively on the medical benefits of cannabis. I sincerely believe it will slow or stop the growth of many different cancers. I’m upset that it isn’t encouraged more by doctors or offered by doctors. I want to help. I can help you make RSO or make it for you, help you choose and grow plants, give you grow advice, grow for you. My assistance is free for cancer patients. I live south of Kalamazoo outside of the city. Yes it’s free. I want to help. I’m not rich but I will do whatever I can. Please contact
  2. CBG specifically is 30 times more effective as an anti inflammatory than aspirin. It’s very sparsely concentrated in high THC strains. Some industrial hemp genetics have high amounts of CBG. I give it and buy CBG flower when I don’t have any of my own. It’s great in MCT oil form to add into edibles along with THC and CBD. CBG is excellent for ulcerative colitis, other bowel inflammatory diseases and it also inhibits the growth of colorectal cancer. I recently read a study about CBG from a medical journal about carcinogenesis from Oxford University students. They successfully stopped colorectal
  3. Available to trade the following: Durga Mata 2 CBD, a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio at about 8% each. El-Fuego, a highly resinous Indica dominant strain that smells like French toast and makes a great rosin yield. Very tight internodal spacing, extremely frosty. Gorilla Cookies, a cross between Thin Mint GSC and Gorilla Glue -#4, very potent, also very snug internode spacing. Im in South West Michigan, close to Kalamazoo. Email cranescraft@protonmail.com Also, if anyone is in need of a caregiver in this area I would love to help. I can make RSO for cancer patients, oils for seizures and Park
  4. I also have Blueberry, Blue Moon Rocks and Purple Punch. I’m up for trades.
  5. Durga Mata 2 CBD is what I have. It’s 1:1. It was gifted to me and it’s a tasty smoke with excellent pain relief. Is it legal to trade clones? If it’s not I am happy to pay it forward to you anyway. I have a healthy, happy clone that you can have to help you with your symptoms. I also have one small plant of Moby Dick CBD which I have not cloned yet. Soon...
  6. I would like to discuss trading clones too. message cranescraft on Instagram please and thank you. I have a few 1:1 THC/CBD types as well as a decent diversity of Sativa and Indica hybrids. Trading clones would be fun!
  7. I grow 4 different varieties and make the best edibles. I really enjoy this hobby and would be happy to grow your medicine for you.
  8. I grow 4 different varieties and make the best edibles. I really enjoy this hobby and would be happy to grow your medicine for you.
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