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  1. Depending on how you go about them, whether it's in soil/soil less or in a water system. These are og kush clones I did in 5 gallon deep water culture using Homboldt Nutrients. The first picture is 7 days after planting the clones, and the second is 24 days after planting! Fastest way to veg but a lot of maintenance is required. When I grow in soil I veg for atleast 5 weeks.
  2. I have in my 4x4 tent as of now a 2000 watt Philizon LED and it's doing wonders! I only have 7 plants in this crop so for my next I will be using another 300 watt also for flower. Or I'd suggest a COB LED fixture. Costs a little more but well worth the buy! Oh and my 2000 watt was only 200 bucks!
  3. I agree with Wild Bill. I have saved alot of money, environmental adjustments (heat problems) and better herb using LEDs. I have a 2000 Watt Philizon Led fixture and a few other small leds for my whole cycle and have way better results. Look into 2000-3000 watt LEDs with COB lights built in. Best way in my opinion.
  4. These are 2 separate grows. Both grown with Humboldt Nutrients. The top picture is 2 og kush in deep water culture grown with the 3 part conventional nutrients by Humboldt Nutrients, 24 days from clone. The bottom picture is a Black Cherry Jelly on day 48. Grown in conjunction with my own amended soil for most of the veg and Humboldt Master A & B for pre-flower/flower. Also what I have sworn to use from the day I tried it is Humboldt Counties Own "Snowstorm Ultra" as it is great for getting those flowers nice and frosty! If anyone has used Humboldt Nutrients and/or has soil amendment sugge
  5. In House Genetics- Black Cherry Jelly Start of week 8. Thinking shes going to be a 9er! I would suggest this strain. Smells great, very hardy and is a good yielder! Cant wait until its done!
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