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  1. Welcome man- I'm exactly like you (but my journey started in the early 90s) - I was a guerella grower and never really cared about the legality- Still dont tbh- I was also very safe, very selective with my friends and very paranoid. The only thing thats changed since legality is that I feel fine posting about it online and visiting websites like this- I was paranoid to the point of not even discussing grows and such. Its really strange now that its legal- Even more strange is that the "gray market' (its no longer a black market, I suppose) is stronger than ever- We had always assumed that legality would take the money out of things but the opposite seems to have happened. Its kind of a great time to be alive since the risk is now non existent and the reward is higher than ever. -I wouldnt trust those test kits- Theres a lab in A2 I know that people use and its reasonable but... And I'm not sure about cannabis wine but we made Liquor with kief (take a hash bag, throw 1/2 oz in there and some dry ice and shake on your table- Infuse it in the oven and add it to a nice scotch) but that method should work for making any cannabis drink. Does it still have psychoactive properties if not infused? -And 'swamp grown cannabis' lol- I know what you mean. Grew up on a lake and we would dredge up swamp muck , dry it and mix with perlite and use it in outdoor grows and darn...Better than anything i've been able to buy but not something I'll bring indoors. I use Fox farm ocean forest for soil and its pretty good but I'm going to transition to hydro since having bags of soil shipped all the time gets old lol
  2. I've used almost everything except for CMH and 'really high end' LEDs . From what I've personally experienced I would veg with a HID as first choice and COB LED's secondly. I have a COB light thats full spectrum and quite nice- Its rated as a 1200 watt (but LED ratings are mostly garbage and not based on reality but on some mathematical 'equivalency ' or something) but pulls closer to 250 watts of actual power. Its a good light- I use 2 of them in a 4 x4 veg tent and they do an astonishing job for fairly cheap lights with low power consumption... Even though I prefer HID's, the tradeoff in heat (for me) vs how much light on get on my girls means those Cobs are a better bet for me- In my situation. I can say with certainty the LEDs go a great job of rooting and promoting fast ,healthy growth- But I would still prefer HIDs if I had better temp control options- I wouldnt even think about trying to flower with cheap(er) LEDs although the really high end stuff seems to handle flowering quite well- If I had the cash I would probably move to all really high end leds, myself.
  3. Is it really that expensive? Wow- I cringe at what people pay for medical prices at $hops and this will even worse. I think the $hops are going to be awesome for someone like myself who grows and will occasionally want to sample a few different grams of different strains before I decide what seeds I'm going to buy ...But not for more than $10- $15/gram. I couldnt believe the photos of all the people standing in line and camping out- Maybe I would have done that in my early 20s just to be part of it but probably not even then lol
  4. No, this is actually from a seed company in the Netherlands- Not sure if its okay to share links (I'm not affiliated with this company except for being a customer) but its this https://www.seedsman.com/en/bubble-gum-feminised-seeds-t-h-seedsths-s047 Description Bubble Gum was TH Seeds first contribution to the seed world in 1993. Over the last decade it has proven, through numerous awards and world wide fame, that this plant is here to stay. They successfully inbred and stabilised this plant for it's most desirable characteristics, it's fruity smell, thick lingering flavour and short soldier like stature. Bubble Gum breeds true, and has been used by many seed companies to produce award winning hybrids, and will make a great cornerstone for your breeding program. This is a true superplant! EDIT- Just picked up 2 more clones... A 'Chem Skunk' and a 'Sweet Tart'... These come from someone i've never used before and was a 'meet up in a parking lot' situation so I cannot attest to the type since I'm only going by what I was told and not growing from seed or getting it from someone I know well. I'm still going to take clones once these are vegged a bit but if I traded for these I cannot be totally certain they are what I was told (the rest i'm 100% sure of)
  5. YES!! We always called it 'christmas trees', but after looking for 'christmas buds' I see that this was evidently more far reaching than a2/Jackson lol. Found this thread https://www.420magazine.com/community/threads/christmas-buds-mid-1990s-strain-anyone-remember-and-know-what-strain.186615/ and yes, this is exactly what I was talking about. I've met people that I never knew back then and when mentioning the 'christmas trees' that used to come around, they know exactly what I'm talking about but have no idea as to what strain this was- Hell, back then having Northern Lights was rare and exotic as 99% of what you bought was just whatever was around...But those Christmas Treesz were amazing and i've been trying to find the strain (or similar) for years to no avail. It seems to be called '79 Christmas Bud' and some people on the thread I posted seem to believe that its what was going around (or very close)- So it looks like i'll probably be grabbing some seeds. Thanks man- I always heard to this refereed to as "Christmas Tress"- Everyone would be sitting around in the summer smoking mid grade cannabis and inevitably someone would say "Wont be long until the 'Christmas Trees'come around" - lol
  6. I've heard this debate for years and always considered it a myth/fable or if its possibly true, the bump in THC would be hardly worth changing things up for. Recently a local grower and youtuber put out this video -IDK...There could be more going on here than meets the eye (perhaps a whole lot more than just a bump in resin production and THC) and it might be worth considering a 48 hour period. Nothing conclusive here and more tests are needed but the results were pretty surprising to me.
  7. Help me out here guys- In the early 90s all the way up until the maybe the early 00's there used to be some weed that used to come around in late November/early December that tasted exactly like a Christmas tree- This was big, green, sticky,stinky buds that were all over A2/Jackson (probably elsewhere) and people referred to this weed as "the christmas trees"- Every year, like clockwork this stuff was around for the holidays. I've been trying to chase this strain down- Had some 'pine' tasting cannabis strains and hybrids like 'thin mint cookies' but nothing close to the Christmas Trees. Anyone remember this or what the strain might have been? It was always the same, so I assume it was a big grower supplying a ton of people.
  8. Not sure if this thread is still active or not, but I'm in Jackson County and would love to trade some clones. Generally speaking, I will either have them or be able to get some ready within a month or so if we set something up- The only problem, is that I grow different stuff almost every grow (with a few I rotate in an out) Right now I have Zkittles, Bubble gum and UK Cheese that I just started from feminized seed (so it'll be a couple months before I have clones) and Grannies Panties and OG Cheesequake that I could trade now or within the next month or so.
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