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  1. Yeah, Mary's Medicinals seems legit, if I was going to vape I would go for MM but for the moment I think I'm going to opt for the tincture.
  2. Prohibition doesn't work, just drives it underground & makes it more shady. It's the governments business to regulate & verify that you are getting what you pay for thus is the advantage legality.
  3. Has there been a date set for Skymint? last I heard was sometime in January.
  4. Fun mostly, my hips are in constant pain, that I have come to accept as the norm, from running if this was aided it would be a welcome plus. It does seem a better deal from the Mary selection to get a bottle of both THC & CBD separate as the single bottle 1:1 is just 200mg total for the same price as 1000mg separate.
  5. Yeah, I've been Looking at Mary's https://marysmedicinals.com/products/consumable/ A friend has really been pushing me toward CBD over THC but I was concerned about the CBD knocking me out as my blood sugar runs low. Maybe the 1:1 would be good, I've been bouncing between that & the all THC variety.
  6. So when it comes down to edibles & tinctures the difference is really is in THC & Other cannabinoids rather than strain that defines the effect, correct?
  7. I'm soon to be 57 a runner & have not touched weed this century & only once in the 90's which was really unpleasant to the point of panic attacks mainly due to strength. With the legalization I've been curious to dip in a little. Due to running age & health I'm shy to smoke in favor of edibles & tinctures, I've never ingested THC & that's part of the fascination. I'm looking for suggestions of strains & products that might be recommended, I want to avoid anything that is overly sleepy.
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