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  1. Yep, you get a weed buzz off the wine that has had the THC fermented out. I am thinking of just add a gallon of infused water to the 7 gallons you would start out with. I follow the California way of tops again in your second (air sealing) process. I use only good dry tops but kept some "green" wet tops for the next bunch. Be nice to run different test batches but it would be a lot of articulate work. I use the wine fruit concentrate which runs about $45 for a gallon. I am going to wait till the dead of winter to screw with it. I do not bother screwing around with special dirt, no need to. U
  2. I was thinking about it last year. I would have to add another roof on the garage so you could not see the top over the existing garage roof. One thing about this past legal year I learned; DO NOT USE THE SPRINKLER!. Any weed wine makers out there besides in California? Those THC testing kits do not look to bad at $10 a shot.
  3. I am surprised that there is not a kit you can buy!
  4. Little board in the winter so I figured it would be interesting to get into some discussions. As my handle says I have been a Gorilla Grower for a little less than 50 years. Did it all and then some, a hell of lot of stories! Started out with a Michigan seed source that was started in the early 1960's when the plant was not recognized. The perigee is from Mexican breed with South East Asia seed from Vietnam local. I smoke nowadays but am not a daily smoker. Been developing different breeds of my heirloom variety for a lot of decades. When the Medical came to our state I did buy 10 different p
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