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  1. Yep, you get a weed buzz off the wine that has had the THC fermented out. I am thinking of just add a gallon of infused water to the 7 gallons you would start out with. I follow the California way of tops again in your second (air sealing) process. I use only good dry tops but kept some "green" wet tops for the next bunch. Be nice to run different test batches but it would be a lot of articulate work. I use the wine fruit concentrate which runs about $45 for a gallon. I am going to wait till the dead of winter to screw with it. I do not bother screwing around with special dirt, no need to. Use to go in a swamp in the dry of summer hiking in mostly lime and some straight 16's. Throw it on top and throw sods of dirt on top of it building up the dirt and making water ditches around your patch. Seed in January or March of the next year. I go not get into the grey area anymore, the statue of limitations ran out already from that time in my life. Just grow my own that I KNOW is clean, you can do a lot of chemicals and glad that the states in testing for that type of alterations. What is A2?
  2. I was thinking about it last year. I would have to add another roof on the garage so you could not see the top over the existing garage roof. One thing about this past legal year I learned; DO NOT USE THE SPRINKLER!. Any weed wine makers out there besides in California? Those THC testing kits do not look to bad at $10 a shot.
  3. I am surprised that there is not a kit you can buy!
  4. Little board in the winter so I figured it would be interesting to get into some discussions. As my handle says I have been a Gorilla Grower for a little less than 50 years. Did it all and then some, a hell of lot of stories! Started out with a Michigan seed source that was started in the early 1960's when the plant was not recognized. The perigee is from Mexican breed with South East Asia seed from Vietnam local. I smoke nowadays but am not a daily smoker. Been developing different breeds of my heirloom variety for a lot of decades. When the Medical came to our state I did buy 10 different plant types and crossbred with the Michigan. I do not have a card, legality has never been a question. Some variety's did not come up to my satisfaction and were not replanted for seed source. At least now I have both the Sativa and Indica bloodline. I like my weed strong but still mild on the smoke, three people on 75% of a joint is my standard. I make my Brownies loving the Sativa base Butter. I make my own Arthritis lotion passing a lot to aid others pains. I have to make another 2 gallon bunch. I am into making the Wine fermented by weed not infused. My next bunch probably will use a couple gallons of infused water to add a little more weed buzz. Fermenting I end up with the equivalent of 1/8 ounce per 10 ounce bottle. I did try growing indoors a couple decades ago, was not impressive as the swamp grown weed. I am waiting for the freeze to start before planting my seeds for this springs seedlings since it is legal now. Nothing seem more like Spring as having 1" tall seedlings coming up when the snow melts. A question for anybody in the know; is there any test that you can buy for checking the THC level?
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