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  1. I do love CBD flowers like Amnezia Haze, cause it's maybe the only one that leaves pretty awesome after-scent, in comparison with other cbd hemp flowers.
  2. wjkingsnorth, I've heard a lot of recommendations from the experts, about a need to control the doses, by which you're consuming CBD oil. I've heard a lot of nice and positive comments and reviews about this dailycbd web resource, which allow to calculate how much of CBD you should to take, based on your body weight.
  3. They should already legalize it in UK as well. No doubt about it, that we have plenty of good websites, where we can order a good stuff, marijuana or concentrates ( like this one: https://weedzy.co.uk/ ), and it's pretty easy to wait your delivery package. But to have few of drugstore across the street - would be much better.
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