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  1. Michael is a busy man. He has already fought and won my case. I was trying to find something on my own.
  2. Hi my name is Sean Muntian. Back in 2009 I opened Triple Ripple Hydro in 3Rivers, Michigan. Even thou I used marijuana threw out the years for my chronic stuttering. I was new to everything. Never thought about opening a hydro store. I just knew I could help someone dealing with their pain. I got on hear in 2009 offering cheaper services. Pissed people off. Until someone on here asked if he could call me. We talked for about a hour. He asked me to wait 30 minutes before I got back on here. When I did get back on here. It basically was we needed more people like me. Weeks later police raid my home and store. Thanks to this site. I was introduced to my life saver Michael Komorn. We faught and won. I have still fought to help. Well I have been in the RV industry for 30 yrs. Last year I was in a motorcycle accident. I cant do the work no more. So I start seeing all the help wanted ads in the cannabis industry in Michigan. Well I send resumes. I am not going to lie. I was assuming someone would give me a chance. Well last week I went into one of the business I applied at. And I was told I would have a hard time getting in because of me winning my case and lawsuit. I put businesses in harm's way. So I am asking you all. Is that true? Should I just move on to Walmart?. Thank you for your time.
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