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  1. Hew peeps, I just got my first hlg light and have a few questions for those with experience with this model. It’s the hlg 135 rspec. 288 board with a mean well hlg-120h-54a. I’m growing in a 24”x24” space. I’ve been looking around and from what I’ve seen, I’m starting out at 24” from soil at full dim. (30 hour soak and split, then straight to soil last night). I don’t have a kill-a-watt and don’t really want to buy one at this point. So my question is, with this model, what is the power at full dim vs full power? My second question is that I have a vipar va1000 (separate dim for veg and bloom) from my last grow and figured I might as well use it as supplemental. The hlg has a temp of 3500k and is recommended for seed to harvest. So I was thinking I could use the two spectrums of the vipar at various stages. Right now I’m starting it at just half veg for seedling. The claimed actual draw is 230watts so I would assume one of two spectrums would be 115w and having it set to 50% would be about 57w at 24”. Any advice is welcome, thanks!
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